TSA Screeners Plead Guilty to Theft

Two security screeners at the Honolulu International Airport pleaded guilty Thursday to stealing tens of thousands of dollars worth of yen from the luggage of Japanese tourists.

Christopher J. Cadorna, 25, and Benny S. Arcano, 27, admitted being among a group of Transportation Security Administration screeners who stole at least $20,000 from international travelers, prosecutors said.

The yen was exchanged for dollars and divvied up by the screeners, prosecutors said.

Both men have agreed to cooperate with the government's investigation into thefts by other screeners. Each faces a maximum 10 years in prison when they are sentenced July 17.

"This has given us a black eye, but it is not indicative of what we have," said TSA Honolulu director Sidney Hayakawa in defending his 600 screeners.

The TSA plans to install cameras to monitor the screeners, he said.

Separately, TSA officer Michael Gomes, 32, was charged Wednesday with stealing $16,000 from a bag he screened at Molokai Airport. He admitted the theft and surrendered $13,500 to police, officials said.