North Korean-Style Brainwashing

So what's up with Jill Carroll?

First her kidnapers released her and then we hear her saying she was treated well and stayed in a nice place and had plenty of food and her own bathroom and nice furniture.

Then the Iraqi insurgents released this tape Friday which shows Jill Carroll parroting back to one of her captors just the sort of thing they want to hear and what they want the American people and the world to hear.

She is asked what she will tell the American people and she says:

"I want them to understand them, to understand the mujahedeen. I want them to understand there are a lot of lies coming from the American government calling them terrorists and things and I think it's important for the American people to hear from me that the mujahedeen are only trying to defend their country.

It's only a jihad to stop an illegal and dangerous and deadly occupation. So I think it's important for people to see the mujahedeen are people like we've seen throughout history resisting an occupation trying to fight a foreign force in their own land. It's their country and they have a right to fight for their own freedom.

So I think I want people to understand these are not people who like to kill, who like violence, but people that love their country and want to see it free from occupation."

She is asked if she has a message for George Bush and she laughs and says yes, he needs to stop this war, he knows it was built on a mountain of lies and he knows this was wrong and he needs to accept that and admit it to the American people.

What we are seeing here is a portrait of a young woman trying to save her own life, and I'm glad she did.

But you're also seeing brainwashing, North Korean style. Many of our soldiers went through this half a century ago, and Jill Carroll has gone through it again.

What happened to her could be the Stockholm Syndrome. It could be just staying alive.

In either case, I'm glad she's alive. Don't worry about what she said. We'll see how she is when she gets away from that place and is truly free again.

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