114 Explosive Devices Found in Minnesota Home

Four family members have been charged after authorities found 114 explosive devices and more than 20 pounds of explosives at their home in Frost, near the Iowa border.

Marvin D. Yahnke, 48, his wife, Shirley, 49 and their son Daniel, 19, were charged Thursday in Faribault County District Court with manufacturing and possessing explosive devices.

The couple's 15-year-old son was charged Wednesday in Freeborn County Juvenile Court with third-degree arson and possession of explosives in connection with explosions there.

"At this point, we don't have any indication that they were targeting any people," said deputy Mike Gormley, with the Faribault County Sheriff's Office. "We're not sure if this was for fun or if they had other things in mind."

The family has been linked by investigators to the bombing of a portable toilet in Albert Lea and a half-dozen mailbox explosions in rural Freeborn County over the past few months. Gormley said no one has been injured.

The explosives discovered at the house Tuesday night were detonated by the Bloomington bomb squad.