Embarrassing Day for Yale

A bad day at Yale University, one of the jewels of the Ivy League.

Rahmatullah Hashemi is still ensconced at Yale University, and his words of marvel at how great America really is continue to ring true.

I could be in Guantanamo Bay, he said, but instead I'm at Yale.

Hashemi has been afforded special status admission to Yale precisely because he was at one time the spokesman for the Taliban.

And Thursday is the day that fact becomes an unavoidably profound embarrassment for Yale University, which has so far avoided much more than a slightly reddened face.

Hashemi's Taliban abused women, violated international law, hosted Usama bin Laden, joined with him in his enmity for America, imposed a reign of 10th century Islamic terror on Afghanistan.

But Hashemi gets a choice spot at Yale because he's a rock star of the "let's poke George Bush in the eye" wing of academia.

Thursday the big embarrassment for Yale is that it's decision day: who gets into Yale and who gets left out. Over 19,000 young men and women will be rejected. But the Taliban man is in solid.

John Fund has been writing about the Hashemi case in The Wall Street Journal and I recommend you look over John's columns.

Hashemi still has an application pending to join Yale's sophomore class in the fall. So far he's just a special student.

Bear in mind, as John Fund reported, some of the 19,000 young people just rejected were turned down for as little as an inebriated prom evening or a shoplifting case in grade school. And yet a guy from the organization which is still killing our soldiers has doors thrown open for him.

Yale should declare the experiment in cross-cultural pollination over and let Mr. Taliban go home. He's had a bit of time at Yale, and Yale shouldn't make it worse by letting him continue toward an actual degree.

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