White House Shake-Up

With three years left in President Bush's second term, White House Chief of Staff Andy Card resigns. Card is to be replaced by budget director Josh Bolten. The move comes amid a decline in Bush's approval ratings. Read more.

What does Andrew Card's resignation say about the state of the Bush administration?

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Here's what people in the news are saying:

"Andy [Card] is respected by his colleagues for his humility, his decency and his thoughtfulness. They look at him as a role model and they, like me, will miss him....No person is better prepared for this important position and I'm honored that Josh [Bolten] has agreed to serve. I've got great confidence in my next chief of staff." — President George W. Bush

"The good news is the administration has finally realized it needs to change its ways, but the problems go far deeper than one staffer. Simply rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic by replacing Andy Card with Josh Bolten without a dramatic change in policy will not right this ship." — Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY)

"This is not about really shaking up the staff, I think it's about the chief of staff, who has been there such a long period of time, about needing a break. That position chews up people...I think he just felt it was time for him to get a different life." — Sen. Trent Lott (R-MS)

"I have always found Andy Card to be reasonable, professional and a man of his word. If the White House is looking to change course, they picked the wrong person to toss overboard. The American people are looking for a new direction from the Bush Administration. It remains to be seen whether Josh Bolten can put the White House on the right course." — Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL)

Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

“The poor guy is most likely burned out. A resignation is hardly a shake-up. I see little impact on Bush’s policies. What needs to be shaken up is the ‘liberal media.’” — Allan (Albuquerque, NM)

“Do you have any idea what would happen to America if our leaders did what the general population wanted them to do. President Bush doesn’t pay attention to the polls, because that’s not what drives his decisions. Thank God we have a commander in chief who is willing to do what’s right, even if it is unpopular. I may not totally agree with everything he’s done, but I still believe that he’s the man for the job.” — Matt

“This change may not help at all, more are needed.” — Richard

“The resignation of Andy Card will be good for the administration. He did not do a good job as chief of staff. A lot of the blunders over the past few months were his responsibility.” — Casey

“A highly qualified man is deciding to take a well-deserved rest. And I might add that I was VERY impressed with his speech. I was almost moved to tears and it seemed the president was as well. Our nation was well-served by this man.” — Keith (PA)

“I think it's very funny that all the people against George W. Bush think that Andy Card is being discarded or ‘tossed overboard.’ It really indicates a lack of intelligence to make such an assumption. Did anyone ask the man why he is resigning?” — Christopher (Plymouth, MI)

“The shake-up means the president read Fred Barnes' recent opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal.” — Jeanie (Dallas, TX)

“I truly believe that they all should resign, as they are taking the United States down the tubes. Bush should be impeached and Congress should be replaced.” — T.S. (West Plains, MO)

“Andy Card has shown dedication and professionalism. I wish there were more men like him in government. I don't think that his resignation means that the White House will stop functioning, and I don't think that he is the cause of the president’s low approval ratings. Andy Card, I thank you for your service to our country.” — Elizabeth (Carver, MA)

“This is nothing more than typical attrition that is expected from a two-term administration.” — Doug (Advance, NC)

"Oh please, as usual the news media is making something out of nothing. The man said it was time and that’s that. Give it a break." — Dennis (Casa Grande, AZ)

"I strongly disagree with your continued use of the term 'shake-up.' This is one person resigning — that hardly qualifies as a shake-up. In addition, if you look at the history of the longevity of people in the Chief of Staff position in the White House, Andy Card should get a medal for staying as long as he has!" — Leon

"This is nothing unusual and I have to wonder why there is a political debate over it. President Reagan had a bunch of Chief of Staffs and so has numerous other presidents. Politicians need something to talk about I guess." — Gary (Fairborn, OH)

"His resignation means no more than that poor man is tired. The left would like to make it into much more, but this man has a right to concern himself with his health and time." — June (Valparaiso, IN)

"This simply speaks for itself. Bush's ratings have tanked and he blames others for his own demise. He should look in the mirror and change his policies if he wants results. Blaming others will not increase his ratings." — E.J.

"The White House announcement about the replacement of Andrew Card indicates once again that George W. Bush does not understand the problem. The problem is NOT the people. It is the policies. Replacing people without changing the anti-American policies of the Bush regime will do nothing for the nation." — Patricia (Aiken, SC)

"It says Andy Card is tired and needs some rest. There isn't anyone who could go on working those hours, under the pressures a presidential staff is under, for eight years straight. As I remember, the Clinton administration had many changes at the cabinet level." — Carl (Sequim, WA)

"This is an attempt to inject some new ideas into Bush's inner circle, which is sorely needed. Bush's poll numbers are low, and Republicans up for re-election are rightfully concerned. I don't think this is enough to stem the rising tide of discord among our citizens, but it is at least an attempt." — Patrick

"Andy Card's resignation gives the Bush administration time to do three things: catch its breath and smile for the cameras, distract news viewers from the issues worrying most Americans, and pivot to a full-frontal assault on illegal immigration, which will be the wedge issue for the 2006 midterm elections. But like anything Bush touches these days, the plan fails." — Stanley (Medford, OR)

"Card was absolutely the wrong person to 'fall on his sword.' I am a life-long Democrat, but I always had great respect for Andy Card. Integrity is his middle name. The guy that should have gone is Karl Rove, and maybe Don Rumsfeld right behind him. Then, I am sure the president's poll numbers would have shot up overnight." — Dennis (Casa Grande, AZ)

"I don't think that this resignation says much of anything about the status of the White House. I am sure he is resigning due to the fact that there is so much outside pressure on the president and his staff. The major news organizations, special interest groups, and anti-war activists are looking for any reason to report any instability on President Bush or his administration." — Chris (Austin, TX)

"This is lip service to Republican critics that are calling for a 'sea change' in the Cabinet. I agree with Sen. Schumer that rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic will not save the ship. This administration's agenda is a total wreck." — Dev

"As Mr. Card put it so well, this is a change in seasons. What a very insightful and profound comment that simply shows the caliber of Mr. Card." — Matthew (Indianapolis, IN)

"Card's resignation officially signals the president being a lame duck. Unfortunately, I don't think the White House shuffle has enough fingers to plug the approval rating leakage. I have been a staunch supporter of the president but he has now lost me with his immigration proposal." — John (Houston, TX)