Second-Graders Stab Classmate with Needle Found on Street

Two second-grade boys stabbed a classmate with a hypodermic needle they had had picked up off the street on the way to school, a Department of Education spokesman said.

The boys stabbed a second-grade girl with the needle during class Monday morning, department spokesman Keith Kalb said.

The 7-year-old victim, Angelette Hunter-Taylor, said the boys teased her and threatened her. "They said, 'Say goodbye, 'cause you're gonna die tomorrow.' Then they stabbed me," she told the New York Post.

The girl's mother, Denise Taylor, told the Post and New York Daily News that the Bronx school didn't send her daughter to the hospital right away. She also said they did not immediately call police.

Kalb said Tuesday the girl went to the nurse at the school and then to the hospital. He would not discuss her medical condition.