Dropping the F-Bomb


Do you hear a lot more of that? Three-quarters of Americans questioned by the Associated Press last week, say they hear cussing in public frequently or occasionally. Most people think we swear more than we did 20 years ago. Sixty-four percent of people say they use the F-word. Here’s the odd part though: Of the 1,000 people questioned, most are bothered when they hear someone else using a swear word without good reason. Hmm.

I was just at the movie "Failure to Launch" and about midway through it I realized that they were using cuss words on purpose. The script dropped the "F-word" where it simply didn't fit into the context and it was so obvious that it just made you stop and take notice that it didn't work. I recall watching other movies that also would have been much better if they hadn't used swearing in it. A producer friend of mine says they deliberately put in certain things specifically to get a PG-13 rating instead of PG, which they think could hurt the movie's profitability.

A movie that my children (the ones aged 9-13) loved recently that has no swearing that I can recall was "The World's Fastest Indian." The boys LOVED it. If you can find it in a theater near you — go to see it. It's basically about following your dreams, which in the main character's case is seeing how fast his motorcycle can go. It's better on screen than in my summary!

On to illegal immigration:

You can't get enough of this topic. For a year it has been the No. 1 topic of interest for our viewers. It is at the critical point now. Keep in mind we're talking about how to handle people who break the law. Can our economy survive without illegal workers? Should people who have broken the law be allowed to become American citizens before other people who have not? Are illegal workers taking jobs that Americans want, such as in the carpet mills or in landscaping? We will continue discussing the proposals being looked at in the Senate.

If you have been impacted by illegal immigrants please e-mail me to explain how: e.d.hill@foxnews.com

In the meantime, have a wonderful day and I’ll see you in the morning!

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