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The blog is a bit short today. I was at the emergency room late into the night with one of my pets, so I am behind in much I had planned to do in the blog.

I was in the airport in Washington, D.C. over the weekend standing in line to get a slice of pizza (no, that is not where I go out to dinner on weekends... I was traveling.) I happened to look over at the next food court stand and noticed Rev. Al Sharpton. He was standing in line to get a fruit smoothie. I, of course, was shamed — I was trying to buy junk food while he was more disciplined. So I skipped the pizza and went over to talk to him. I always have fun talking to him — he is never dull. We talked about an upcoming protest (Saturday, April 1) in New Orleans about voting and other issues.

Last week we covered the story of the missing Milwaukee boys. Like you, I had hoped on some good news over the weekend, but instead comes this news from the Associated Press — which is less than satisfactory:

MILWAUKEE (AP) — The families of two missing boys are still pleased with the effort authorities are putting in to find their children. Quentin Henning — the father of 12-year-old Quadrevion Henning — says he's got a boost of confidence knowing that the investigation has now been classified as criminal. Authorities said yesterday they still don't have any evidence a crime has been committed even with the change in designation.

I think it is odd that it is now a criminal investigation, yet publicly the police say they do not have evidence of a crime. I expect we will have more on this tonight if we can get more information.

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1 — Below is another e-mail from Walter Trexler. I am trying to show respect for him, but he is a whiner. He wants to send a news organization silly e-mails — accusing me of supporting murder and teacher child molesting — and avoid public display of it. I guess he is now embarrassed by his own conduct and is upset about it. Apparently, from his e-mail below, he expects us to explain to him the law surrounding when e-mails can be posted or not. I don't know why he expects us to give him free legal advice. We are a news organization, not his personal law firm.

If he wants advice, here it is: "Walter, get over it! You were being a jerk when you sent the e-mail and I accept your apology if you are extending one. It is not a big deal, but you keep sending more e-mails so I am posting them! Stop sending your e-mails if you don't want them posted! It really is that simple."

(As a P.S. to all the people who wrote suggesting Walter has a problem with women and whether he writes male anchors these e-mails, I have no idea what is going on in Walter's life. I am merely posting his e-mails.)

To Whom It May Concern:
I am filing this formal complaint against Greta Van Sustern [sic] and her show, On The Record with Greta Van Sustern [sic]. The facts of this complaint revolve around the fact that I sent Ms. Van Sustern [sic] a PRIVATE e-mail on March 22. I was upset with an interview that she had done on Bill O'Reilly's show and expressed my dismay at her comments. I in no way publicly posted my comments to her nor did I expect my e-mail to her to be posted. My intent was not to humiliate her in public but to express my opinions to her in private. Any reasonable person has the expectation that their e-mails to an individual are private and are not to be publicly posted.
She did respond to me and indicated that she was going to post my e-mail and respond. I immediately e-mailed her and told her that she did not have my permission to do so and I also e-mailed a Fox corporate e-mail address with the same information. I did not receive a response from either. I also looked on Ms. Sustern's [sic] site and the FOX web site and found nothing that stated that e-mails to on air talent or other Fox personnel are subject to public posting without permission.
At the very least, FOX and Ms. Sustern [sic] should have in place an e-mail response program that indicates that e-mail is subject to posting and if you wish to not have e-mail posted, then you should notify Fox. Ms. Sustern [sic] did post my e-mail and made disparaging remarks regarding myself and my character. I am a respected individual in my community who resents the fact that she would intimate that I am on some kind of drugs because I would dare to disagree with her comments.
I am highly incensed that she as well as Fox would think they have the unbridled right to impugn and disparage someone in such a blatant manner. Ms. Sustern [sic] should have the same sensitivity to law abiding citizens as myself as she does to criminals that she defends on her show.
I am asking for the following:
1. A written apology from Ms. Sustern. [sic]
2. A reprimand of Ms. Sustern [sic] by her employer and a copy sent to me of such reprimand.
3. Fox implement an automatic e-mail response program that allows people to waive their privacy rights regarding their e-mail communications.
I will await your response but am prepared to pursue matters further if this is not resolved.
Walter Trexler
Tallahassee, FL

ANSWER: Walter, if you don't want your e-mails published, don't send them to a news organization. We are neither your lawyer nor your priest with rules of confidentiality. As noted before, I do keep confidential sources confidant, but not complainers.

E-mail No. 2

Hello Greta, haven't e-mailed you lately, so tonight I read some of the offensive e-mail sent to you! Just want to say, most Americans who watch your show respect and admire you why we watch only your show when you are on! Appreciation is earned and you have done just that! The missing of Natalee Holloway has everyone's heart hurting that has a heart! Aruba authorities are snowballing again your panel was so great Fri. night, esp. Ted and Bernie. O'Reilly told it like it is to I believe Thursday night. God bless you, Greta. I am praying for you in my prayers.
Jean Fitch

E-mail No. 3 — This is an interesting e-mail. I can't vouch for the content since I have not corroborated the assertions, but include it for you to review:

To get some insight into Mary Winkler's motive you might want to check into her medical background. I think that you will find among other things she suffers from Lupus. I also think that you will find she has been treated for either a bipolar disorder or manic depression.
In the last two or three years she had a miscarriage. She lost her mother in the last two years. She gave birth to a child in the last 13 months. Her husband went from being a youth minister's husband to being the wife of a full-time congregational minister. She moved to a new location. All of these things are extremely stressful.
I would also check into when she and her husband were in Nashville, and he was a youth minister there. I would check to see if there were any incidents of outbreaks of anger on her part, and if there was a medical reason for this.
It is my belief that there are good medical reasons for her actions. I also believe that her motive was based on perceptions that were not based in reality. I would want to know if she was taking medication prescribed for her.
I do not know Mary, but I know her husband's family, and I knew Matt. I know many people who knew Mary and Matt well, and worked with them over the last five years. Matt and his family are the best of people.

E-mail No. 4

Hi Greta,
I am a self-proclaimed news junkie, but my husband is not, as a matter of fact, he avoids news programs at all cost. Imagine my surprise when he came home the other day and said he watched your show and really enjoyed it. He caught your interview with Larry the Cable Guy and said it was a great interview. I missed that show, but it looks like you have a new fan. Keep up all your good work.

E-mail No. 5

Hello Greta,
I watched "48 Hours" tonight (Saturday) and really believe that Dompig knows a lot more than he is saying. Is he covering up for somebody? I just don't buy the theory that Natalee died of an overdose. Not a self-inflicted one, at least. Something really weird is going on in Aruba, but we already knew that. I do have to admit that I choked up at the end. When they showed Beth crying, saying that she really doesn't have any hope left. I just broke down and cried with her.
I must say that Troy did do a good job...but it would have been just awesome if you would've scored that interview! You would have done a great job with it!
Take care,
Elizabeth Ezzell

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