Time to Wake Up

Happy Friday!

The days when Friday meant the beginning of my workweek seem so far away. Almost like a dream...


Once again I'm going to be jumping up in sheer terror when my alarm clock goes off at 3 a.m. on Sunday morning. I'll be heading to the studio to host "FOX & Friends Weekend" with my old pal Julian Phillips and, despite the early rousting, I'm really looking forward to it. Julian and I started off kind of rocky — a clash of personalities you might call it — but within a few months, we became kindred spirits and I cannot wait to tease him mercilessly once again!

So Thursday's show remained intact, although we had quite a few breaking news diversions. A Princess Cruises ship caught fire near Jamaica; initially we heard it affected a few cabins. But looking at the video as the day went on — wow!

Rep. Peter King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee joined us on set Thursday to talk about the tough new immigration bill he's co-sponsoring along with Rep. James Sensenbrenner. Sen. Hillary Clinton joined Catholic Church leaders in blasting the bill.

Some of our viewers weigh in on the immigration debate:

"If Hillary actually understood what it means to be Christian, she would know the Bible says, ‘you are to follow the laws of the land you live in.’ My grandmother came from Germany at 8-years-old — everything had been done according to the law at the time. She learned to speak English, went to school, and worked from age 16. She received no special favors when she came here, as well as many other people. I don't understand why so many people want to argue this point. If you don't want to follow the laws to come here, why would we assume you would follow the laws after you are here? The majority of all of us have a heritage from elsewhere. I'm not against immigration. I am against it being done in an illegal manor.”
Lancaster, PA

“I think the Republicans have just found the right candidate to challenge Hillary Clinton. Peter King for U.S. Senate! “
Bob Reichert,
Punta Gorda, FL

A shocking, curious and somewhat unbelievable story — the woman who surfaced alive and well after being missing for a decade. I just don't know about this one... The woman says she lived with the guy for four years, stuffed away in his bedroom. All the while two of his family members were living there and they never saw or heard a thing?!? Huh?!? We talked to the local police chief, and I asked him point-blank if he believed her. He says yes.

And finally, some passionate missives:

Charlie Sheen, you know, the actor who reportedly can't keep his hands off other women while married... Real upstanding guy... He's the latest vocal conspiracy theorist with regard to 9/11. He called the hijackers "a bunch of amateurs with box cutters" and questioned how these dopes could pull off such a deadly feat. He also suggested the crumbling of the towers was some sort of "controlled" demolition. Wow, those degrees in architecture, engineering, and chemistry are really coming in handy. What college did he go to again?

Some of you are sickened by his comments. And some aren't. One group seems to think there's some sort of conspiracy by “DaySide” to avoid talking about this. I mentioned we'd be discussing this on Thursday's show. We had breaking news and it cut into that segment. We re-scheduled the topic for Friday, but not before some highly suspicious folks out went off at me, Mike and our producers...

"I am not surprised that you chose to drop the Charlie Sheen-9/11 segment. If we 9/11 skeptics are so "loony" than why do you avoid addressing our questions as if they were the plague? It couldn't be that you are afraid there may be some truth to the conspiracy theory, could it. We’re not afraid to debate you. Bring it on!"

Please put your name and town. It's a lot easier to debate someone when we know who they are. And by the way, we're not "afraid" of big, scary Charlie Sheen, we’ve asked him to come on the show, but maybe he’s “afraid” of us since he hasn’t gotten back to us. We'll try again Friday. I'm not holding my breath.

(Breathe Juliet, breathe.)

I've got to go and pick paint colors for my spare bedroom now. I'm moving a few blocks away, but the way things are going, you'd think I'm moving to South Africa (an inside joke for my friends).
Have a great weekend, guys! And remember to watch “FOX & Friends” on Saturday (Rebecca “Go-Go” Gomez is making her debut as host) and Sunday (Juliet “All paint samples are starting to look eerily alike” Huddy is returning for the day). And no, I'm not sniffing paint samples — I often talk in third person.


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