The Case for Iraq

The president continued his media blitz defending the war on terror today in West Virginia.

Bush has been using the third anniversary of the war in Iraq this week to defend the ongoing U.S. presence there, telling an audience in Cleveland on Monday that he is confident in his strategy. He urged critics to look past daily images of unrelenting violence to see signs of progress. Read more.

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"The president is resolute and says what he means! The terrorists are resolute and say what they mean." — Mark (Brentwood CA)

"Boy is his message getting across. Americans see right through his desperate plea to try to convince us about Iraq AGAIN. If it were a just war, why would he need to do this? If he is confident then why make these press conferences? When the press, who are finally doing their jobs, ask the tough questions he becomes confused and frustrated. All while our brave soldiers die fighting the wrong war." — Kenny (Chicago, IL)

"Slowly but surely, the president is getting his message out to the American people." — Jade

"I think that President Bush's message might be getting across, but the thing I'm worried about when his he going to pull back our troops. Our fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, brothers, or sisters are getting killed, wounded, and kidnapped. Bush should make a treaty so this war will stop. I wouldn't want my father going into war or even going far away. I already have seen the suffering families losing their loved ones. He should bring the troops back soon." — Claudette (Yigo, Guam)

"The president is doing a great job in spite of all the opposition from the Liberals and the liberal press. It's shameful but people are beginning to see the light and it will help him carry on his mission. May God continue to bless him." — Ann

"Bush should be impeached. He lied about the WMD. Iraq had no ties with Al Qaeda. He is now trying to talk us into war with Iraq. He should listen to the American people who are sick and tired of him and had enough being blamed all around the world for his stupidity." — Johanna (Boston, MA)

"It took a lot of guts and a great vision to topple Saddam. Our president deserves a statue!" — John

"Bush says what the international conglomerates like Shell, Exxon, Halliburton, Boeing, etc. tell him to say. Nobody else gains except for the rich companies wanting to take over the assets and oil of the poor Arabs. Bush's message is for the idiots who may believe the lies he spurns out. How can you believe in Jesus' message while causing so much death and destruction just to have more control of the oil?" — John

"The president doesn't need to convince anyone! The case for the war in Iraq and the war on terror has already been made, and supported fully by voters and lawmakers! Get the job done Mr. President. You have my support. Move on to fixing the economy!" — Jake (Fredericksburg, VA)

"Bush is trying to get his point across but is failing because all he has to offer is the same old excuses and lies that got us into the mess to begin with. Impeach him now!" — Patricia (Lafayette, LA)

"I really do hope that he gets his point across. It would be a crying shame if all the sacrifices made by our brave military were in vain" — Lee (Ramer, AL)

"No he is not getting his message out. He has lost the country. His credibility is gone." — David

"I got the message the first time he told us and the message hasn't changed. I supported the decisions he made then and I'll stand behind them until the job is done." — Buster (Eatonvill, WA)

"One of the things I admire about President Bush is his resolve. I think we did the right thing to take the war on terror to the terror masters. The minority viewpoint always garners more attention because they cry louder." — Clarice (Conroe, TX)

"Our nation's focus is primarily on the war in Iraq and the president's focus is on his alarming decline in popularity. Both issues coincide with the concerns of many Americans today. Americans are constantly reminded by President Bush, his cabinet members and the news media that "Freedom is not Free" and yet they are perplexed by the growing numbers of opposition to the war." — Margaret (El Paso, TX)

"President Bush should not have to keep making trips around the country to explain why we went to war. He's explained it over and over and over again. Unfortunately, people just aren't listening, or don't want to believe there are evil people in the world that want to destroy the U.S. Listen up fellow Americans before it's too late! Thank you, President Bush for your patience, your service and persistence. You are the man for the times!" — KF

"Bush's speeches are like the old saying: Are you going to believe me or my lying eyes?" — Ron (Rockford, Il)

"President Bush is doing a great job, and if the media showed more of the positive, he wouldn't have to defend anything. Obviously the American public is ignorant on how long it took us to establish a government and even have a president after we won our independence. Real life won't happen over night." — Jennifer (Seward, AK)

"I think he is getting the point across to some, but he is fighting the liberal press and the Democrats for sound bytes. The war on terror is not a made-for-TV movie. The president said in the very beginning that it would be a long and hard struggle to win, but it is worth the fight." — Bob

"NO! Bush intends to stay the course no matter how many sons, daughters, husbands and fathers have to die doing it. He promises success in Iraq, and yet he has no plan. If the man could get up in front of the American people and provide us with a five point plan of attack and a commitment to measure the success, I might get behind him. My son just returned from Iraq and I can tell you this much: WE better get this crap over with and I mean in the next six months. NO LONGER!" — Randy

"He is showing his resolve. He should have been doing this all along and should continue to do it even if his approval ratings improve. The president told us four and a half years ago, as he stood upon the rubble of the World Trade Center, that we had a long, hard fight ahead of us. When he told us that, the country rallied behind him. Now, everyone seems to have forgotten this and it is rather pathetic in my opinion." — Rusty, Operation Iraqi Freedom 2004-2005 (Houston, TX)

"This is sheer desperation with Karl Rove as producer and director. I voted for Bush twice, backed him up on the war in Iraq, and he has shown himself and his staff to be the most arrogant, secretive and incompetent administration. This man is dangerous and should resign to save himself and this country from further embarrassment. He should be demanding the resignation of Rumsfeld at a minimum. Iraq is a disaster and there is absolutely no upside to the action. We were duped." — Robert (NY)

"Obviously, President Bush has not effectively communicated to the American people that the struggle with Islamic fascism is every bit as serious as the Cold War, and will require similar resolve and effort. He has not effectively communicated that the nuclear danger is potentially more threatening than the Soviet missile threat was at any time after Stalin's death. The American people think Iraq is a sideshow, irrelevant to our ultimate survival. They do not understand, because it has not been persuasively explained to them." — Jim (MO)

"What has the president to be desperate about? He doesn't need this media aggravation. We should be grateful that we have a strong determined leader in the presidency. He hasn't changed his policy since 9/11. He continues to do what he always said he would do. The people that want to see him and our country fail are desperate." — Harry

"I think he's the best man in politics today, to be able to handle the job of president in the times we are living. He's got resolve, but I think he should have started his media blitz a little sooner, instead of waiting until the TV networks and Democrats were pounding him day after day about the war in Iraq. I'm behind him all the way." — Joe (Headlad, AL)

"The American public has had all of the crap that they can handle from one really ignorant man. Everyone knows there was no reason to invade Iraq. He doesn't care if another 2,300 men and women die there, he just wants to grin and give us some of those 'cute' little snappy answers to his pretzel logic." — Dan

"I’m proud of him for 'sticking to his guns.' It would be nice to get some of the good news from Iraq rather than only the bad that the liberal media presents. I think the president needs to continue his strong resolve, continue to get the truth out and simultaneously challenge the most outspoken Democratic critics for their current position on the war. It would be refreshing to hear a plan or something constructive from them rather than pure Bush bashing." — Tom (Richmond, VA)

"I believe President Bush is speaking from his heart and has a 'strong resolve' to finish the job in Iraq." — Cheryl

"This is merely the desperation of a desperate man. It's time to admit failure and get out with what little face he may have left. Better yet, it's time for America to get this idiot out of the White House while there is a glimmer of hope that we, or the world can survive this presidency." — Jeff

"I believe President Bush is getting the message out. Unfortunately, some Americans just aren't getting it. Success in Iraq is paramount to success in dealing with terrorism. This isn't just a war, folks, it is a whole new way of life!" — Ernie (Clayton, OK)

"I think that the president is doing what he needs to do. You have to get out in front of the American people and explain what is happening over there. He also needs to counter the negativity of the mainstream media. If I were him, I would have somebody from the administration out there every day speaking about all of the good things going on in Iraq. It is not over yet but I am very hopeful that Iraq will emerge as a great and free democracy." — Ronni (New Jersey)

"The American people trust President Bush more than they trust anybody else when it comes to the war on terror. I am glad he is doing this and he should continue talking until we succeed in Iraq." — Jade (Arizona)

"Bush's media blitz is an act of desperation. It's too little too late. He knows that he is losing the support or people, like myself, who twice voted for him but are now losing their confidence and trust in him. He has not only become a lame duck president, he has become a lame president." — Harold (Seattle, WA)

"I believe it is one of strong resolve, but I also believe the left-wing biased media will do their best to show it as an act of desperation on Bush's part. How can we ever succeed when we have to fight the war and the media at the same time?" — Sam (Memphis, TN)

"I really do think that President Bush really believes in what he is doing — you can tell by the passion in his voice. I think he is looking toward the long-term effects of this war, not the present." — Sally

"I hate to say it but I think it is desperation. I think this new campaign to 'brief' the masses is a feeble attempt and we should push stronger and harder until the terrorist are run-down and wasted." — Thomas (Brooklyn, NY)

"The president says he doesn't read polls and doesn't put much stock in them, but only when his approval rating is hovering around 33% does he decide to start talking to the American people." — Wayne (South Gate, CA)