Jealous? Not Me!

How great does Dr. Manny look?! I'll answer that for you, he looks fantastic! Thanks to your prodding, he has gone on a healthy diet and he has lost a ton of weight. And he's not quite done yet!

It was a diverse show again today as Gretchen Carlson spelled E.D. and did a wonderful job. Of course, no Tuesday feels right without Tiki Barber. The NFL's premier running back was almost perfect today as he continues to be the only "FOX & Friends" host with his own animation. Am I jealous? Well... a little.

Once again your e-mails helped supply humor and insight, as we used the Clintons' unusual political marriage agreement to see how your household functions. The New York Daily News ran a story about Senator Hillary telling the former President Bill that he had to check with her before talking out on any issue. Well, it turns out most of you ladies wear the pants in their family too, even if the man doesn't quite know it.

I can't wait for Wednesday's show as we welcome the co-authors of the book "Game of Shadows," which claims to have the dirt on Barry Bonds' illegal drug use. Anyone that knows me understands how outraged I am that Bonds is about to become the home run king, despite the cloud of suspicion that hangs over him. Maybe this book will make the commissioner act. I certainly hope so.

Also tomorrow, expect to see Kimberly Caldwell — formerly of "American Idol." She promises to bring the behind-the-scenes story of "Idol" as we whittle down the finalists to one.


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