Iraq: Looking Forward

Despite protests around the world and criticism at home, President Bush marked the third anniversary of the military invasion of Iraq by expressing confidence in Iraqis to form a unity government and thanking the U.S. military for its service.

Nonetheless, the top commander of multinational forces in Iraq, Gen. George W. Casey, said he expects the U.S. to remain there for at least the next few years.

But positive reports of progress haven't silenced critics, who say the administration's strategy for waging the war and insuring the peace was built on deception and attempts to mislead Americans on the situation on the ground.

"They misled us into believing there were weapons of mass destruction and connections between 9/11 and Saddam Hussein. None of that existed," Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) told "FOX News Sunday." Read more.

The president says he is "encouraged by the progress" in Iraq. What do YOU think the future holds for Iraq?

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"If I recall my American history, we didn't become a free republic overnight either. Give the Iraqi's a chance, and I believe they will be all right." — Al

"Simply put it is a mess and it will continue to only get messier and deadlier. We need to get out yesterday!" — Susan (Watertown, MA)

"The future of Iraq will ultimately be determined by the people of the country, or the region. It will take a long time to let Iraqis establish a true democracy." — Grammey

"I am not defending President Bush, just recognizing that these Muslim fanatics are not going away no matter who is in the White House and that this is a war we, as a nation, must win. So, if the voters throw out the Republicans in the midterms, I just hope the people who take their place will recognize this is not George Bush's war. It is America's war and it must be won." — Rich (Charlotte, NC)

"The United States by waging war in Iraq in the last three years has killed MORE Iraq civilians than Saddam ever killed. I would take Saddam any day over George W. Bush. Bush and Cheney are nothing but dictators. Bush and Cheney are not listening to Americans. Both of them are dictators." — Bel (Burnsville, MN)

"It is my opinion that the war in Iraq is going as well as can be expected considering the culture we are dealing with. It will be very hard to win a war like none we’ve ever fought before in a short time." — Dave

"My hope is for peace and to see our brave men and women home." — Kyle (Louisville, KY)

"It is a mess beyond belief, especially beyond the belief of the Bush administration as they try to tell us how great it's going as more and more of our boys die fighting an unjust war that this administration had NO exit plan for." — Justin (New York, NY)

"I think the future for Iraq is good, as long as we stay there long enough to insure it.” — Karen (Lima, OH)

"I think Iraq is going better than expected. I do not know what people expected but every step has been accomplished faster than expected. I am optimistic that Iraqis will continue to know freedom." — Ken

"Saddam ruled Iraq with an iron fist and no civil war. Today, we rule Iraq with kid gloves and a civil war is on the brink. As for the future, I see a mass exodus of ‘friendlies’ all moving to the good old U.S. like after the Vietnam War." — Dave (Orange, VA)

"I think the war in Iraq, although lengthy, was and remains the right thing to do. Our service men and women have performed incredibly under extremely adverse conditions not only in Iraq but here at home." — John

"The Bush administration and the American people are still amazingly short-sighted about Iraq. The real question that needs to be answered, is what will happen to Iraq AFTER we leave? It should come as no surprise to anyone that they've held elections, etc. We're an occupier with over 100,000 troops there, and they do what we tell them to do. But what will happen the day after we leave? If there's this much sectarian strife there today, imagine what will happen after we're gone!" — Randy (Plano, TX)

"I believe that the war is going as well as can be expected for as early as it is in the process. Remember, this is a global war, with an Iraq front." — Chris (Dallas, TX)

"How is it going? Thousands of our own men and women are dead. Thousands and thousands of Iraqis are dead. Iraq is on the brink of civil war. Still, no WMD. The U.S. does not have control of the situation. The administration had no exit plan and serious mismanaged this war. It will get a heck of a lot worse before they get better." — Lisa (Austin, TX)

"The only ones who have misled us in this war is the press. Most of the press seems so eager to hear anything bad out of Iraq and the bloodier the better. I wish they'd just report the facts instead of giving their vile spin." — James

"Going great! Don't abandon the Iraqis now. They are on the path to complete freedom and independence as a nation!" — Marilyn (Colorado Springs, CO)

"The president and several top military commanders indicated from the outset that this war would be a long process, with a lot of sacrifice. Three years later, a lot has been accomplished. Saddam is no longer in power, we are secure in the fact that WMD from this country do not threaten the world and a Democratic government is taking over. As you well know, Iraq was assembled into a state by force and it's people groups may not want to stay united as a single country, so be it. The current civil unrest is no indicator of the success or failure of the administration or of the war. Sure we would like utopia, but we may have to settle for less. Such is life." — Richard (Reynolds, GA)

"Chaos, civil war, and more chaos. Bush is a loser, an incompetent leader, and he should be impeached." — Richard (Sebring, FL)

"The Iraq involvement has hardly begun. Patience is needed. We new that from day one. It takes years, even decades, to stabilize a country after a war, especially one that has little recent experience with democracy. Remember Japan and Germany?" — Martin

"What did we think was going to happen? These people have been killing each other for over a thousand years. They have a unique opportunity to stop it and live together democratically. They have been moving in this direction via the elections, but If they don't succeed, we should leave." — Case (Highlands Ranch, CO)

"Iraq's future: Catastrophe. The war is an embarrassing failure for the U.S. and the Republican Party. Maybe the true Republicans will wake up and take back their party before it's too late." — Brad

"I am also encouraged by the progress in Iraq. This is due to the fact that I choose not to listen to those who wish to paint the war in Iraq as some worthless endeavor. I also believe that we should stay in Iraq as long as it takes to get the job done and hand full control over to the Iraqi government." — Paul