Double Standard?

Debra Lafave says there is no double standard.

The child molestation case against this beautiful, blond young babe came to an end Tuesday with her walking out of court a free woman, having spent no time in jail for having sex with a 14-year-old student, a boy, in the school where she was a teacher.

No double standard. What a howler that is.

Imagine a young man in the same spot. He's worked as a teacher and has had an affair, had sex with a 14-year-old girl student. No question. He's toast.

Instead Debra Lafave is toasted. Oh, yes, she says she knows what she did was wrong, and she is remorseful, and she is in therapy.

But she flashed a special smile for all the reporters who have brought her through this crisis and said now that she can't teach she wants to become a journalist.

She says she can help people with her writing, and the reporters who have covered her — or uncovered her, if you will — have been an inspiration.

It sounds like the twilight zone, but look: She's beautiful and, yes, she is walking free because the young victim's mother doesn't want him going to high school with this public spectacle of a Lafave trial hanging over his head.

Can you imagine the razzing he'd take for claiming to be a victim because this blond babe wanted to have sex with him?

So Deb walks. So Deb becomes a journalist. So Deb will be in therapy forever. So Deb does not go to jail just as any man who committed the same crime would.

Sure there's a double standard. If you are a beautiful young female predator of underage boys, people are going to say you did the boy a favor. And you might just walk.

Sure, Mary Kay Letourneau did prison time, but that only means the double standard didn't work for her.

But it clearly worked for Debra Lafave. An admitted sex offender is walking because she's a babe. You'd never see a guy walking because he is a hunk.

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