Remembering Milosevic: Quotes From Eulogies

Quotes from supporters of Slobodan Milosevic who eulogized him at Saturday's farewell ceremony in Belgrade:

"Slobodan is alive, he will not die as long as there are Serbs and Serbia. Glory to you, Slobodan!"

— Socialist Party official Bogoljub Bijelica

"You will never die, dear president. Historical greatness cannot be killed. Your enemies forgot this fact. Even in death, they are afraid of you."

— Branko Rakic, a Milosevic legal adviser

"They killed Slobodan. Long live Slobodan! They are killing Serbia, but Serbia will be resurrected."

— Ivana Zigon, actress.

"They hoped that by killing Milosevic they would kill his spirit, but they were grossly misled. Causing his death, they took him on the road of eternity."

— Bulgarian ultranationalist leader Volen Siderov

"Our Serbia will rise like a phoenix from the ashes _ it will forever be proud of you and your legacy. I promise to carry on the battle against The Hague criminals with the same fervor you had. May God grant you blessings of paradise. May the sacred Serb soil grant you eternal peace."

— Vojislav Seselj, Serbian ultranationalist leader in custody at The Hague, in a letter read by Radical Party official Aleksandar Vucic

"We mourn together with you here in Serbia. A great era ends today. We say farewell to a great patriot, esteemed leader. Milosevic will forever remain in our heart and will be in our struggle."

— Sergei Baburin, Russian nationalist lawmaker

"History will prove that Slobodan Milosevic was right. ... At the crucial moment in Serbia's history, Milosevic was chosen to lead Yugoslavia against the awesome might of the West. He protected his people from foreign domination. Slobodan Milosevic resisted, he rejected submission, he sought peace."

— Ramsey Clark, former U.S. attorney general

"Serbia is crying from its heart today, from its soul. But when tears subside from our pain and grief, all in Serbia will be proud to have had him. Never give up your freedom, never forget your martyrs, your sons, Serbia! Until final victory, our beloved president, may you rest in peace."

— Milorad Vucelic, Socialist Party deputy president