Former Federal Reserve Chair Miller Dies at 81

Former Federal Reserve Chairman G. William Miller, who as President Carter's treasury secretary oversaw the government bailout that brought Chrysler back from the brink, has died. He was 81.

Miller, who died Friday night, had suffered from a lung ailment, said Michael H. Cardozo, managing director of Miller's Washington-based merchant banking firm and a former White House counsel for President Carter.

Miller was appointed by Carter to lead the central bank on March 8, 1978. A year later, the president turned to Miller to replace W. Michael Blumenthal as treasury secretary. Paul Volcker then replaced Miller at the Fed.

Miller served as the Treasury from Aug. 6, 1979, to the end of the Carter administration, in January 1981.

He is survived by his wife, Ariadna; three sisters; and two brothers.