Rehabilitation or Revenge?

Wow, what a show. You were burning up our e-mail with your comments regarding the segment with Terry Sherman, the attorney for Andrew Selva.

In January 2004, Selva was indicted on a series of rapes involving oral and anal sex with two boys ages 5 and 12. Selva had helped the boys' families come to America from Asia. In a plea deal, Selva was allowed to plead guilty to two counts of sexual battery. Ohio Judge John Connor labeled Selva a sexual predator — the most severe of the sexual offender categories.

"Mr. Selva does meet the criteria of a sexual predator," said Judge Connor. Why then did the judge bypass jail and give Selva house arrest? According to the judge, "He's (Selva) got a disease like I've got a disease. I don't know what prison would have helped, except for revenge and revenge is not in the sentencing guidelines." I’m not sure what disease the judge was referring to regarding himself, but he has been convicted twice for DUI and arrested for DUI up to eight times.

Selva’s attorney, Terry Sherman, joined us on "FOX & Friends" this morning. Sherman claims Selva can be rehabilitated and cited expert testimony. He continued to point out that Selva pleaded guilty to sexual battery, but would not deny that Selva had raped these young boys in the worst possible ways. Hundreds of viewers e-mailed in the next few minutes. Here is a bit of what you had to say:

"I was molested as a child. I’ve gone through all the 'help' that is available. I still try and deal with the fear and lack of control over my life. I don’t believe for one minute these perpetrators can ever be rehabilitated. I think they learn how to better cover their crimes."

"Your interview of the attorney this morning was just wrong. I personally could not be an attorney because they must represent their client regardless of their guilt or innocence. You chastised this man for doing his sworn duty."

"Your segment on the Ohio judge and the defense lawyer, Sherman, just shows the arrogance these people show for the public. If Sherman's client had to serve his house arrest in Sherman's house, that would be justice."

"Why were you berating the defense lawyer in the child molestation case? He was just doing his job of representing his client. You should be questioning the prosecutor and judge."

"I have the right, my children have the right to live here without worrying about him. We follow the rules and bother no one. He doesn't get to go hurt children and receive a second chance. What are those parents going to tell their boys?"

Bill O'Reilly will have the attorney general of Ohio on his program Wednesday night to find out if the state can toss him out of office. Tomorrow, we will continue to follow this story by speaking with the people who will have to live next to this man while he "rehabilitates."

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