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FOX Fan Central gets personal with our anchors and correspondents and gets some surprising answers!

Brian Kilmeade - Video Interview:
The “FOX & Friends” co-host praises Rocky, doesn’t understand jazz, and makes a surprising sports confession. Watch the video for more!
Gretchen Carlson - Video Interview:
Growing up in Minnesota, playing the violin, and why her height didn't stop her from winning the Miss America crown.
Jonathan Hunt - Video Interview:
Growing up in England, “faking” his accent, and covering the U.N. beat.
Uma Pemmaraju - Video Interview:
Learn about her personal inspirations, the importance of staying true to yourself, and how she got hooked on journalism by doing local fishing reports.
Jamie Colby - Video Interview:
The FNC correspondent recalls her days behind the grill at Burger King, and talks about ditching a law career for journalism.
Rebecca Gomez - Video Interview:
The first person in her family to go to college, Gomez describes her journey from “the barrio” to national TV.
David Asman - Video Interview:
Rowing his kayak, playing the banjo, and putting his iPod on shuffle — Get personal with FNC anchor David Asman.
Julian Phillips - Video Interview:
Have 5-Iron, Will Travel — In front of the camera, on the green, or behind the stove, "FOX & Friends Weekend" co-anchor Julian Phillips talks about his passions.
Lisa Bernhard - Video Interview:
Hollywood Insider — From her days as a "Baywatch Babe" to the thrill of interviewing a Beatle, FNC's entertainment reporter Lisa Bernhard dishes the dirt on the stars AND herself!
E.D. Hill - Video Interview:
The beauty of fly-fishing, tiling the bathroom floor, and raising eight kids! Supermom and "FOX & Friends" co-host E.D. Hill reveals the perks of waking up before sunrise.
Juliet Huddy - Video Interview:
Brains, Beauty, and Baseball — Find out why Juliet Huddy might be the perfect woman! Plus, who hit the most home runs in 1983? The "FOX & Friends" weekend anchor knows!
Steve Doocy - Video Interview:
How did the morning host get from a little house on the prairie to FOX & Friends? Find out! Plus, Steve tells you how to steal food.
Janice Dean - Video Interview:
Janice reveals the similarities between herself and a famous movie character. Plus, she issues a challenge to the rest of the FNC staff!
Rick Folbaum - Video Interview:
Famous in supermarkets across New Jersey, Rick got an early start in broadcasting! Click the video to find out more.
Martha MacCallum - Video Interview:
FOX Fan Central gets up close with Martha MacCallum — Find out what makes her tick.
Jane Skinner - Video Interview:
Playing football in the mud, dressing like Cinderella, and baking up a storm - Get to know the other side of Jane Skinner!
Shepard Smith - Video Interview:
Shep Smith answered some personal questions in his typical straightforward style.
Alan Colmes:
We caught up with our favorite liberal for a quick Q & A.
Laurie Dhue:
We caught up with the host of FOX Magazine for a quick Q & A and found out some things that surprised us.
Steve, E.D. and Brian:
The FOX & Friends hosts share some little-known facts about each of them.
Linda Vester:
We sat down with Linda to ask about how her past reporting experience helps her today.
Kelly Wright:
You asked for it! Find out more about our newest addition to Team Washington and learn about his musical moonlighting.
Bret Baier:
Get the scoop on FNC's very busy Pentagon correspondent.