Spot the Ringer

Tiki Barber was his normal stellar self Tuesday morning and I look for him to be as informative and entertaining for the next three days as he spells me on the set. Unfortunately, along with Page Hopkins, we exposed the "Tiki Fitness Scandal" that is about to take place in the FOX News gym. Not since Sam Malone was hired by a firm just so he could pitch on their softball team, have we seen such a ringer enter a legitimate contest. Yes, our FOX News civilian athletes will have to out-run, out-row and out-lift the best rough and tumble running back in the NFL. It doesn't seem fair, but at least you now have the insider Friends intel that you crave!

Around our coffee table — and your water cooler — the topics flew fast and furious. Heading the list: Sen. Feingold's folly — better known as his push to hurt President Bush — came to a quick end when Sen. Frist called for a vote on Feingold's censure mission. In the end, Feingold's proposal fell on its face and left many wondering why anyone would waste our time when there are so many important issues to discuss. As I mentioned on the show, Sen. Feingold's censure was similar to Bluto looking to rally his fraternity on "Animal House" — no one charged with Belushi or Feingold.

We also talked to Sen. Saxby Chamblis about his trip to the United Arab Emirates and it was too bad that we did not have time to talk about his trip to Iraq.

Over the last few days we have seen a lot of different strategies in the world of politics. For example, some were shocked — others awed — that Senator McCain went to a Republican conference and declared his support for President Bush. McCain said it's easy to stand by a guy when he has 65 percent approval rating — I'll stay with him now too. The loyalty and leadership Sen. McCain shows daily is exactly what most of us try to instill in our kids and ourselves.

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