WTC Memorial Construction Begins

More than four years after the September 11 terror attacks, construction was set to begin at the World Trade Center memorial site as some victims' families planned to head to court to fight the building plans. The Coalition of 9/11 Families last week filed a lawsuit charging that the memorial would damage the historic footprints, be difficult to evacuate quickly, and dishonor the dead by placing their names below street level. Read more.

Do you think construction on the 9/11 memorial should be stopped?

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"Construction should most certainly be stopped. The Coalition of 9/11 Families should have been in on the decision from the very beginning. It wasn't right that a panel of 13 people chose the design and among them was only one 9/11 family member. Another of their requests is that the names be listed by battalion, precinct, or by the tower they worked in. I don't see why this shouldn't be done. It's a simple request. After all these families have been through, can't we at least respect their opinions and honor their family members in the way they would like us to?" — Holly (Augusta, GA)

"A memorial should honor the lives of those that died. After the 9/11 tragedy, with all the fire and destruction, the memorial should represent future hope and greatness, it should be like the Phoenix coming out of the ashes. A memorial that is a hole in the ground does not properly represent any of these." — OJM (Pensacola, FL)

"I don’t think there should be a memorial at all. I was down there just a few weeks ago and the firehouse adjacent to the site is a memorial to the real heroes; the fireman and police. The other deaths, though tragic, were people who were going about their daily lives, earning a living. I believe it is totally appropriate to build a memorial to those who volunteer to put themselves in harm's way. Rebuild the towers better and larger, and let that be a testimony of the American spirit." — Gary (Media, PA)

"The construction must be stopped because of certain critical factors which need to be considered. They are, among others: It should be built above ground, the names must be properly listed, artifacts like the sphere and the tower facades need to be put at the street level of the WTC site, the footprint remnants need preserving at bedrock, and the security and safety of visitors to the site must be considered." — Robert (VA)

"The memorial should proceed. It's not a memorial to, or about, the survivors — it's a public memorial to an event and the memory of its victims. It's time to shut up and build it. How many others have given their lives for this country, many in the actual service of their country, that have received no such recognition at all? — Phil (Rensselaer, NY)

"Yes, stop it right in its tracks. How did it get this far, anyway? Who was asleep at the wheel right up until construction was to start on this less-than-half-baked [and disrespectful] conception?" — David (San Francisco, CA)

"It seems that most of the responses here from people who think they should go ahead with the construction, are those that are not New York residents. Perhaps if you lived here when the attack happened, you would change your tune. The memorial should be representative of what happened, not a fun place to be. As the Vietnam Wall is a place to go, remember, and cry, it certainly is not accompanied by a petting zoo and laser lights. A disgrace if I ever saw one." — Sue (Sloatsburg, NY)

"9/11 was a terrible tragedy, but that land is private property. There is going to be a memorial and I think the families should be glad of that. The families have already been compensated far more than other families around the country that have been touched by other tragedies. Let's just hope we don't start having homicide bombing like Israel and other places." — Sandra (Idaho City, ID)

“Yes, construction should absolutely be stopped! The desires of those who lost loved ones at the WTC on September 11 should be acknowledged. Earlier today, on "FOX & Friends," a young woman said she was opposed to the memorial being underground. I tend to agree with her. If I had lost a loved one, I would want the memorial to reach for the Heavens. The memorial should never have become a moneymaking project for the architects or politicians.” — Winona (Lake Charles, LA)

“A memorial to the dead can only be the one thing — a memorial to the dead. It cannot be all things to all people. If this memorial is going to be surrounded by outrage, draped in controversy, and criticized harshly by a great many people for a great many reasons, then it should not be built at all. To do so would only dishonor and disrespect the dead.” — Sam (Memphis, TN)

“Yes, construction should be stopped immediately.” — Ron and Joanne

“We need to move forward with the construction. I understand it's sensitive for the families who lost loved ones, but life goes on, and we can't show signs of defeat by letting the site sit like an open wound. I say rebuild the towers and build a memorial so everyone's happy. If we closed off every area where people have died in this country, we wouldn't have any space left.” — S.G. (Dallas, TX)

“I believe the monument's construction should be stopped! If any memorial should be built, it should be one to those who have given life and limbs in the 'silent' war to bring the initiators of that destruction to a just end — death. If the 'survivors' of those killed in the towers are willing to use portions of the monies they gained (and not one more penny of my taxes) I could care less what they build or where it's built.” — Bill (VA)

“Yes, I think it should be stopped, but maybe for a different reason than most. I think the monies that would be used to build this memorial would be better utilized if they were going toward the families. Memorials are internal. Memories are locked in the hearts of the victims’ families, not inanimate objects. Help rebuild the families, not objects.” — Sally

“I understand that it is impossible to please everyone, but New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg should never have turned memorial building into a bidding war. I would have liked to see the government take charge in this instance and build a suitable and tasteful memorial. It sounds to me like Ground Zero is turning into a circus, complete with laser lights, water slides, and a petting zoo. So many innocent people died here, and they deserve to be remembered with class and dignity.” — Marcos (NYC)

“Construction should continue as planned. As far as I’m concerned, we have already waited too long to erect a memorial. We need to push these squabbles aside and show these terrorists that we will never waver. I say build it stronger and bigger than before.” — Johnny (KS)

“My heart goes out to the victims, but I can’t believe people are complaining about where the name of their loved one is going to appear. Whether it appears in a basement or on the penthouse, does it really matter? Do you honestly believe in your heart that this is showing 'disrespect?' It sounds to me like there are other factors at play here.” — Danny

“As a lifelong resident of downtown Manhattan, the last thing I honestly want in my neighborhood is another 'terrorist target.' This memorial, no matter how strong the security, becomes an instant fascination for bin Laden and Al Qaeda. Regardless of what is built, I will steer clear.” — Rose (New York, NY)