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Today I have posted a new poll on the right side of the gretawire.com page. Go to it, vote and check out the results.

If you have been following on our show the murder of the New York City grad student and the ex-con bouncer who is in custody, here is a note that showed up on our internal computer system late Sunday afternoon. The source is the New York Police Department:


The above blurb makes it certain that Littlejohn is no longer simply a "person of interest." You can expect formal charges very soon.

On Friday, Gloria Allred was in D.C. (she did a book signing in the area), so we invited her on the show. There was one problem: our set only allows for two guests. It is a desk and lighting issue that currently limits us to two guests. We are in the midst of re-designing our desk and relighting the show so that we can have three guests on the set. In the meantime, we have to "put someone out to pasture" in another studio. Gloria was set up in another studio, which was on the other side of our main studio.

Gloria showed up early for our show. Since she was early, we sat and talked for a while. I have not seen her in about a year, so our conversations over the many months have just been what you have seen on the air.

Bernie Grimm also arrived early Friday night, but later than Gloria. He walked into the FOX News D.C. green room (guest waiting room) with two bouquets of flowers... for Gloria. Yes, for Gloria. It turns out it was a peace offering for Gloria. It was a nice gesture, since he has been hard on her from time to time on our show. Gloria graciously accepted both bouquets.

I also learned — from listening to Bernie and Gloria talk in the greenroom — that they had never met in person before Friday night. I had just assumed they had because they have been on the air together so much. Ted Williams, on the other hand, has met Gloria many times in person. They were both on some show ("Power of Attorney"?) a few years back, which taped in Los Angeles and required Ted's presence in Los Angeles. (Geoff Fieger was also on the show.)

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1In Friday's blog, I asked a question — quoted below in the first e-mail — and I received a bunch of answers, which I have printed below:

From your blog [Friday]
What is the one word that describes someone who hates a television show, hates the anchor, yet will watch the entire show and then send a nasty e-mail to the show?
I would like to think of something really clever to call these people, but "hypocrite" sticks in my mind.
Sanford, NC
P.S.: Perhaps "jealous" would be a better word

E-mail No. 2

Your question was what one word describes a person that hates a television show, hates the anchor yet watch the entire show and then send an nasty e-mail to the show?
Answer: IDIOT
Larry Pratt
Pflugerville, TX

E-mail No. 3

Our one-word answer to describe those who profess to strongly dislike a show and the anchor yet continue to watch it and send nasty emails: HOLLOW!
Michelle Baxter
Crestwood, KY

E-mail No. 4

In response to “I have a fun weekend question for you: What is the one word that describes someone who hates a television show, hates the anchor, yet will watch the entire show and then send a nasty e-mail to the show?”
P.S. I ENJOY the show…and the anchor. Even the nasty e-mails are sometimes good for a chuckle!
Donna Todd
Bryan, TX

E-mail No. 5 — this e-mailer took my directions literally... and gave me one word:


E-mail No. 6

One word? GuyWhoNeedsToGetALifeAndIsALonelySociopathicHypocrite
Laurel Conrad

E-mail No. 7

What is the one word that describes someone who hates a television show, hates the anchor, yet will watch the entire show and then send a nasty e-mail to the show?
Answer: Idiot.
I did come up with another word first but it's not quite as nice, and is considered two words instead of one: dumb a__.
Shana L. Jacobsen
Nashville, TN

E-mail No. 8

Greta, I'd have to say the answer to your question is CONFUSED! Or maybe just STUPID. Ha-ha. Good question, I wonder the same thing every time I read an e-mail on your blog from someone doing what you just described.

E-mail No. 9

Greta asked: What is the one word that describes someone who hates a television show, hates the anchor, yet will watch the entire show and then send a nasty e-mail to the show?
My answers... your choice:
1) Angry or
2) Psychotic
Pat C.
Fort Myers, FL

E-mail No. 10

To answer your question, someone that watches and hates your show should be called RATINGS! People that hate shows and the anchor, seem to always watch more hoping you'll do something to make them mad.
Michelle C.

E-mail No. 11

I think a person is a narcissist. It isn't so much their dislike of you, but they love to see their name in print. They know you will print what they write. The nastier the better.

E-mail No. 12

Masochist (when you deliberately do something you don't enjoy)
Have a good weekend, Greta!
Mick R.

E-mail No. 13

My answer to your question is: They don't have a life.
There is some really mean e-mail you get, hope you don't take them to heart. I do that for you. Also what was wrong with Bernie Thursday night? He looked so sad (or mad)?
Love your show!

E-mail No. 14 — for those of you who follow the blog, for the ongoing discussion about whether New York state has a death penalty or not:

Here is your answer regarding the death penalty in NYC. (From a law student in East Tennessee!) Your answer is: Yes it does, reenacted in 1975 — www.deathpenaltyinfo.org/state.
I love your show, Bernie is my favorite! Keep up the good work!
Kingsport, TN

E-mail No. 15 — This next e-mail includes E-mail No. 6 to me from Friday:

RE: E-mail No. 6
Hey Greta,
You are a waste of time. Do you sleep at night? What a joke.
Phil Arnold
Apparently Phil has plenty of time to waste. Watching the show, logging on, going to the Web site and e-mailing you. I love your show and never have time to watch it... I keep up on your blog, which is fun!
Barbara Smith

Finally, articles that caught my attention:

Former Bush Aide Charged in Felony Theft

Montreal Canadiens great "Boom Boom" Geoffrion dies

Woman calls police after 50 hang-up calls to cell phone

Simple treatment offers new, better way to treat heart failure

Virtual checkups on the rise with doctors, nurses

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