Hi Friends of "FOX & Friends,"

Another week of cable-casting started with an interesting dilemma: How should we report what happened Sunday night on the critically acclaimed HBO series, "The Sopranos"? While many people saw it last night, many more will watch it on tape and TiVo and over its other airings in the coming week.

So this is what it came down to: Should we say "(Name of mobster) got shot in the gut last night" or not release the name of the guy with the bloody belly? Eventually we figured we should leave the name out of our reportage, which would be tough, because we had Frank Vincent, one of "The Sopranos" stars live on our show. He didn't say who got popped and neither did we.

I didn't see the show last night — I TiVoed it and was planning on watching today, but much to my chagrin, The New York Daily News had a series of photos splashed across page three this morning and, upon seeing the pictures of the mobster splayed out on the floor, I was shocked! Once I cleaned up the coffee that shot out of my nose, I was steamed. Why? Because The New York Daily News spoiled my surprise!

I have come to this sensitivity myself after having revealed plot twists from "24" on FOX the next day, only to have viewers send me tons of cranky e-mail like this: "I was shocked Steve that you said President Palmer got shot! I was planning on watching the show later today." Then in that deja vu all over again thing, the e-mail continued, "Once I cleaned up the coffee that shot out of my nose, I was steamed AT YOU! You spoiled my surprise!"

So what's a live show to do? We'd love to talk about what happened to characters on our favorite shows, but now with so many people watching the same shows at other times, we hate to spoil their fun. But at the same time, if it's BIG NEWS — as it is with WHO GOT SHOT last night on "The Sopranos" — we'd like to cover the entertainment news. Let me know what you think, send me your thoughts to: friends@foxnews.com.

Brian Kilmeade had some great graphics today showing the top seeds in the NCAA tournament, so I will spend the day filling out my bracket, in reverse order. The reason I say reverse, is because I'm starting with the winner, which will be Villanova. The reason I am positive that the Wildcats will win, is because my son, Peter, is a Villanova freshman and if they make it to the Final Four and then win the tournament, we could make him a stringer reporter who could cover the event for the show. And, while he would not get paid by FOX News, I'm sure I could then turn his vast tuition bill into some sort of tax write-off, right?

Look, if E.D. can write off ammo, I should be able to deduct college room and board!

On Monday we started the show off with a bang. Brian found a story about how a Texas dad got the shock of his life over the breakfast table not long ago. "Dad," his 17-year-old son started, "I'm now a Democrat!" The father was shocked. After he cleaned up the coffee that shot out of his nose, the father, a longtime Republican gave the kid an ultimatum, "Become a Republican, or pay for your own college."

Since when do kids listen to their parents? Now the kid has got his own Web site and is trying to raise the money to go to college, by having people pay him! This is brilliant! Why didn't I think of this! Before my son went to college I could have said, "Peter unless you clean your room once this year, I'm not paying for your higher education."

Of course my son was sleeping at the time, so he didn't hear me, he didn't clean his room — which is being examined by an NYU archeology class — and I wound up paying for his college. But I had a really good reason: My wife — his mother — told me to.

Have a great day! See you in the morning!

Steve Doocy

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