Jacksons Attend Funeral of Slain Drummer

Several Jackson 5 members attended the funeral of their former drummer, who was stabbed to death earlier this month.

Tito, Marlon, Jermaine, Jackie and Randy Jackson went to the Saturday service for 55-year-old Johnny Jackson Jr., who wasn't related to the family. Pop stars Michael and Janet Jackson did not appear.

Johnny Jackson replaced the group's original drummer around 1967. He played with the band for 15 years and lived with them after their move from Gary to Los Angeles in 1969.

Randy, the youngest of the Jackson 5 brothers, said he learned how to play drums from Johnny.

"He had a lively way of living and enjoyed every moment," he said. "He made touring fun. There was never a dull moment, with jokes and a lot of laughs."

Yolanda Davis, 44, has been charged with murder in his March 1 death. Davis allegedly told police she stabbed him with a steak knife when he lunged at her during a fight.

If convicted, she could be sentenced to 45 years to 65 years in prison.