Usama's Niece Wants to Be on Your TV

Call it "Growing up bin Laden."

Wafah Dufour bin Ladin, niece of Usama, wants to be a reality-TV star and has inked a deal with powerhouse publisher/TV producer Judith Regan for a show.

Wafah, whose side of the family spells its surname with an "I," became the second best-known bin Laden last year when The Post broke the story of her living in New York trying to be a pop star -- and tracked her for months with features and gossip items about her life, family and aspirations.

The as-yet-untitled show would follow the singer-songwriter wannabe as she chases her dreams of stardom. It will be shopped to several networks.

"It's the story of Wafah trying to make it as a singer and the many cultures she comes from," Regan said yesterday.

"It's just showing that someone from these different cultures has the same aspirations, fears and insecurities that any 20-something would have."

Regan, who executive-produced A&E's "Growing Up Gotti," draws parallels between Wafah and Victoria Gotti, both of whom share infamous last names.

"That show worked because people related to Victoria and those boys on many different levels," she said. "It put a human face on the Gotti name."

Wafah's father, Yeslam bin Ladin, is Usama's half-brother. He left his wife and kids years ago.

Wafah's mom, Carmen Dufour bin Ladin, wrote the book, "Inside the Kingdom: My Life in Saudi Arabia."

"Here's the thing: [Wafah] is related to [Usama], but she is not him," Regan said. "Just because she carries the name doesn't mean she's in any way representative of what he's about."

Regan said Wafah has chucked the bin Ladin name for her mother's, Dufour.

"She's a beautiful young woman who's talented and gifted and trying to find her way in life," Regan said.

"She wants to be recognized as a serious artist, and in the middle of all this, suddenly her uncle does something so terrifying and horrifying, and she has to deal with that."

Wafah, who was born in Santa Monica, Calif., lived in Saudi Arabia for seven years before moving to Geneva at age 10 after her parents separated.

She returned to the United States in 1999 and earned her master's degree from Columbia Law School.

"She has sisters and fights with her mom and does all the things my daughter does with me," Regan said. "It's all the same at the end of the day.

"She was educated in Switzerland and is on her own in New York," Regan said. "It's not a terribly original story, but she has a lot of allure, sex appeal and personality.

"And she can sing. It'll be interesting to see how she does."