Teenage Murder Suspect Eludes Dallas Police

Police searching for a murder suspect surrounded his house for several hours Friday before learning he wasn't inside.

Rolando Serna, 19, is sought on a murder warrant and was thought to be barricaded inside his home when police arrived early Friday, Dallas police Sr. Cpl. Donna Hernandez said.

After waiting more than three hours, police flushed the home with chemical agents but found no one when SWAT members went inside.

"We're on the lookout," Hernandez said. "Somehow or another, he managed to get out of the house."

Hernandez said that because SWAT members surrounded the house upon arrival, it was likely that Serna escaped before police showed up.

A man, a 14-year-old girl and a 10-month-old baby emerged from the house after it was surrounded, Hernandez said.

Authorities went to the home after a woman at a nearby convenience store reported she had been assaulted by her common-law husband. The woman, who wasn't identified, said her assailant was wanted on a murder warrant.

Hernandez had no details about the warrant.