Politics, Ports and Peanuts

So you want news and entertainment do you? Well tune in this weekend for all the news and information that's fit to air — fair and balanced, of course!

Politics: Who will the Republicans pick for the White House race in 2008? That is the big question and down in Memphis, Tennessee, Republican activists are meeting to figure that out. We'll have our pundits all over this one to give you their insights on just who the frontrunners may be.

Ports: You probably know by now that the Dubai port deal is about dead in the water. Was it a Republican backlash against the president that "deep sixed" this deal? Outside of the political implications, what dos this mean for you? Are we any safer since 9/11 and what do we need to do to make our ports more secure? Congressman Peter King will join us to talk about that.

Food: How many things can you do with a peanut? Well, chef Lee Zalben wrote "The Peanut Butter & Co. Cookbook," and there all all sorts of things from breakfast treats to desserts and pastries. Ever think of peanut butter veggie burgers?

Plus, entertainment guru Bill McCuddy is back from Hollywood with the latest gossip and fitness expert David Kirsch puts our Bill to the fitness test.

Of course there is a lot more — but why spill all the beans? Join Alisyn, Page and myself, Saturday and Sunday for "FOX & Friends Weekend!"

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