GOP's White House Hopefuls

Some of the Republican Party's presumed presidential hopefuls will be in Memphis, Tennessee this weekend to meet with party activists and try to gain momentum for their campaigns. The Southern Republican Leadership Conference will meet March 9-12 at the Peabody Hotel.

A number of presumed candidates expected to attend and test the waters include: Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist of Tennessee, Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, and party heavyweights John McCain and Rudy Giuliani, among others. Read more.

Who do YOU think will emerge as the leader of the "presidential-hopeful pack?"

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Check back out what FOX Fans are saying:

"I've been a Republican for 40 years, and I no longer can tell the difference between the two parties. We need a good third choice. I would pick Newt Gingrich." — Murray (Indiana)

"John McCain is the frontrunner. Let's drop the age-bigotry nonsense. In this day and time, someone 70-years-old is barely hitting their prime, so the age argument is specious. McCain is a war hero, a moderate and, since the Keating scandal, an apparently honest public servant. Personally, I believe he was before Keating as well, but it scared him. Let's see — 25 years in Congress at the time of election, a career military man, someone respected on both sides of the aisle for the art of the compromise, a patriot, one of the few Republicans around who knows why the GOP became the majority party in Congress. Wow, what a poor choice for president." — Mark (Madison, AL)

"I hope it's Rudy Giuliani...not Bill Frist!" — JC (Atlanta, GA)

"We need a conservative like John McCain who has common sense, knows how to conduct a war and has the respect of Democrats, Republicans and Independents. He will not be beholden to any special interests, which has all the lobbyists scared. The ultra-Right is scared to death of McCain, so normal people have to feel good about that." — Robert (Westbury, NY)

"None of the above. They are all darlings of the media, and thank God the media do not have enough voters to elect anyone." — Bill (Amarillo, TX)

"This lifelong Republican expects McCain to lead us to victory in 2008. Republicans will vote for him out of party loyalty, most Independents will vote for him because he has an independent streak of his own, and some Democrats will vote for him out of contempt for their own party's nominee. Please, NO third party movement. The last two got us Bill Clinton twice." — Sandy (Emerald Hills, CA)

"Rudy Giuliani will emerge as the leader of the presidential-hopeful pack." — Robert (VA)

"If America can get to know Mike Huckabee, America will learn that he has some amazing things to offer. It is hard to believe how two people as different as Clinton and Huckabee can come from the same state. Huckabee has integrity that stands against incredible opposition, he has grace that has been tested like few others, he has values and a base line that humbles me. I would love to see Condi Rice in the mix, but for me Mike Huckabee is the best man currently being considered. I hope that the media will introduce this man to America, and do so accurately and fairly." — Pam

"Rudy, Rudy, Rudy." — Nancy

"How about a Republican with a conscience and a brain?" — S.G. (Dallas, TX)

"I like Mitt Romney out front because he is level-headed and not afraid to stand up to the Dems. He is a fluid speaker and determined to do the right thing. I think Rudy should also rank high. My last choice is John McCain. He has to decide if he wants to run as a Republican or Democrat. Right now he's a Republicrat who's greatly influenced by Kerry, Clinton and Reid. Don't forget how he brokered the magnificent-seven deal." — Joe

"John McCain has my vote. I trust him more than any other hopeful that will be running." — Diana

"Generally, I don't believe any Senator has the administrative abilities to be a president. Senators engage in too much double-speak. Remember the line, 'I voted for the $87 million before I voted against it?' It may work in the Senate, but not with the public in general. I like Rudy, but the question is will conservative Republicans support him? Most Republicans are asking, 'Who can beat Hillary?' Don't know if any of these will get the nod." — Eric

"I guess McCain, but the GOP is scrambling to get away from the fallout of how how horribly Bush has done. Bush is truly the worst president in U.S. history. I think that too much damage has been done. With Abramoff and the disgusting DeLay, the GOP looks like a bunch of fat cat crooks. The country will swing blue for at least four years." — Jackie (Charlotte, NC)

"John McCain should be the only logical choice for the Republican party if they hope to retain the White House in 2008." — D.

"Rudy Giuliani probably, because no one where I'm from really knows who the rest of those guys are." — K.E. (North Carolina)

"If the Republicans want to retain the White House they should go with Condi and Rudy. I can't think of any ticket, with or without Hillary, that could beat them." — Len (Oscoda, MI)

"John McCain, even though he is up there in age, he is a very strong presidential candidate for 2008. And if he is selected I forecast Rudy Giuliani as his running mate." — Andrew (Long Island, NY)

"McCain would have done great in the WWII era, but not today. He is too old to connect with most Americans. We need new vision. It's time to get the Republican Party back from the narrow-minded clutches of the conservatives. They want a theocracy. I want an open and free country, in the market and my government. Rudy has my vote at the moment, otherwise I am going blue." — Sid (New York, NY)

"The VERY angry Condi Rice!" — Tom (Woodland Hills, CA)

"It will be Rudy and/or Condi, both are winners." — W.E.A. (Bismarck, ND)

"I want Rudy as my president and Condi as my vice president. No way Hillary can stand to them. She'll seem stuck in the 90's and Rudy/Condi will prove to be the future!" — Stan (Seattle, WA)

"Unfortunately I think McCain, but I would rather it be based on the pack thus far, i.e. Romney. Not sure which party McCain is aligned with." — Lyle

"I don't know who will emerge as the Republican leader, but hopefully some new names will appear on the list. Only Romney and Giuliani haven't already disappointed me in some way, perhaps only because they've not been in a position to do so. Actually, I'd like to see a John Anderson-type come forward and start a third party movement. The last decade clearly demonstrates that our two party system no longer works." — Phil (Rensselaer, NY)

"I'm hoping Dr. Condoleeza Rice will run." — Bob (Fallbrook, CA)

"I would love it if Jeb Bush threw his hat into the ring. Let the dynasty continue!" — Peter (Dallas, TX)

"I would love it if the GOP pushed for another dumb CEO type like Bush, it would help out my party tremendously. Hey, nominate the crook DeLay! I dare ya!" — Guy (Morristown, NJ)