Indiana Cold Case

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Last night Jim Hammer and Michael Cardozo took the bait on air. We had technical problems and could not go to them at the start of the "B" segment when we expected to go to them. If you noticed, I only introduced Jeff Brown and Ted Williams at the start of the "B" segment because I did not know if we would ever fix the problems. As it turned out, we fixed the technical problem mid-"B" segment and that is when I introduced Michael and Jim and said they were late. They both jumped at the bait and started to defend themselves, saying they were not late. I was only kidding.

For those who wonder why our show originated from Indiana last night, it is because we are working on a special. I am not sure when it will air — probably mid-April. The topic is a cold case and is being done not by our "On the Record" staff but the FOX documentary unit. The more I work on the special, the more perplexed I am about the case. I am hoping when we finish all our work I will have a greater confidence that the case will be solved. Right now, I have serious doubts whether there will be justice. The case is very strange...

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1 (This first e-mail relates to the information in yesterday's blog that Beth Holloway Twitty broke her leg.)

Thanks for the "Breaking News." (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)
Kenda Shultz
Canby, OR

E-mail No. 2

Regrettably, I haven't been able to catch your show recently, so in regards to Houston, have you brainstormed with some of your guests on ways to raise tax funding for the city? I think this problem is large enough that it would justify devoting at least a block to taking a look at this on the air.

E-mail No. 10 on your Tuesday blog had a nice, useful list of what's needed: police, hospital workers, teachers. So particularly relating to those three fields, how can we bring in more personnel or simply more funding to pay these personnel? Your blog where you advertised one viewer's... peanut butter, I think it was, wasn't a bad idea. But I think we can agree that there's got to be something bigger.

I'm looking into purchasing a Mercedes soon and when I do, I plan to buy from Houston and have it transferred to my local area. That's one way to increase revenue. But again, not very practical. I've brainstormed with some friends of mine as well, but I think the guests on your show would all be much better at this sort of thing than my group. I'm interested to know what sort of ideas come up though!
Jacob Kuntzman

Email No. 3

What is your opinion on the "billions" of dollars Mr. Bush is asking for from Congress for the Katrina disaster? I feel so badly for all the people affected, however I wish the American taxpayer had a say in this situation. I have a real problem with billions of taxpayer dollars paying to repair levees to protect land that is extremely likely to flood again in the right situation and to rebuild something that shouldn't have been there in the first place. Also, to help people who knew they lived in such a precarious spot. If something destroyed my home and I didn't have insurance, who would help me? It wouldn't be the government, that's for sure. My husband and I have always made sure we secured jobs that allowed us to afford homeowner's insurance. I would venture to say (especially in New Orleans itself) many (of course not all) of those left homeless paid no taxes before the hurricane and were already using the government for much of their livelihood. The study following the hurricane showed enough for me — my tax dollars went for tattoos, gambling, etc. It certainly didn't go for the essentials of life. Just curious what your opinion is. Keep up the good work.
J. Hill
Kingsport, TN

E-mail No. 4

Hi Greta,
We all watched your show tonight. Very good. It is always interesting. I am curious... Why are you in Indy? Inquiring minds want to know... grin. As you know that Indy is my hometown. I will be there in May at race time. Stay warm there. God bless you. Debbie Lafave works in a cafe in Ruskin.
Your Fan,
Aileen Roberts — #1 First Fan in Ruskin

E-mail No. 5

What a stupid person you aree... why dont you go back yo CNN/...............Sllot.....has charmed you....i bet with my ugly a** i could charm you too...............JOe....shoud be tried as un you should too...neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr will watch your show again (sic)
Mary Lenderman

E-mail No. 6

I wonder why Joran and Deepak are friends. There is an age difference, as well as other differences. Does Deepak lend Joran money to pay for gambling debts? Does Deepak supply drugs or girls? Is he the point of contact for illegal activities for young Dutch Arubans? If I were an investigator, I would want to know everything about him.

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