Ban Bonds?

Barry Bonds continues to be the talk of the San Francisco Giants' training camp, even if his manager and general manager don't want to discuss him. A soon-to-be-released book claims the Giants slugger used a vast array of performance-enhancing drugs for at least five seasons beginning in 1998.

The book "Game of Shadows" details alleged widespread use of drugs by Bonds, including steroids and human growth hormone. Co-authors Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams led the San Francisco Chronicle's coverage of the BALCO scandal. They detail the specifics of Bonds' alleged drug regimen. Read more.

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If the allegations are true, what should Major League Baseball do?

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"All this makes Pete Rose look like a choirboy!" — Bonney (Shelbyville, TX)

"I think a better option would be to leave him in the game and take away the homerun title, leaving him to live with his actions each day he plays baseball." — Steve (Gainesville, GA)

"Put an asterisk by Barry Bond's records. Put one by McGuire's and Sosa's as well and reinstate Roger Maris as the true single-season homerun king. He did it fair and square." — Clyde (Houston, TX)

"If this story is true, and that's a big IF, then, so what? I suspect that most people who want Bonds thrown out of baseball along with all of his records, are people who are, for whatever reason, romantically linked to Babe Ruth as 'their' Homerun King. I presume that the further down the home run ladder, the less important Ruth's home run record. People talk about Barry Bonds as if he is the only steroid user. If you get rid of Bonds' records, get rid of McGuire's too. McGuire would have definitely broken Ruth’s' record (and I don't think anyone would've cared if he used steroid). If the baseball commissioner buckles to mass hysteria, then he might as well go back and remove the records of ALL ballplayers. Before the use of steroids was banned, nearly all ballplayers used them. Don't just single out Bonds because he's about to push the King of Swat further down the home run ladder." — Darrell

"Baseball is dirty. It has been for a long time. Bonds is singled out because his drug use translated into extreme personal success. If you're going to ban him, you have to ban everyone else who used these substances — and then there wouldn't be anyone left to play the game." —Mark

"He lied to a grand jury and should suffer the consequences just as you or I would. Bonds should be banned from baseball and all of his statistics and records should be thrown out. Letting him stay in the game would send fans, especially children, a horrible message." — Brian

"If the allegations are true, and I have to suspect they are, he should absolutely be banned from baseball and any accolades that go along with the sport. More importantly, these high profile players are role models for young kids wanting to be athletes in any sport, not just baseball. What kind of message does this send to them? If steroids are prohibited in MLB, then there should be consequences for using them. Send a clear message that this is wrong!" — Julie (Scottsdale, AZ)

"I think any discussions about steroid use in the MLB prior to the 2005 season, the year MLB adopted a policy to ban steroids, should be relegated to irrelevant discussion. How can someone be cheating if 90% of the players were taking performance-enhancing drugs?" — Doug (Danville, CA)

"Ideally, all of Barry's statistics (not just his records) should be erased beginning in 1998. Any others who have done the same should too. Realistically, it will never happen, because Bud Selig has zero backbone! We as fans should take matters into our own hands — we should refuse to attend any MLB game until something happens. We could even picket outside of stadiums all across the country while games are being played in front of empty seats, just to let Selig and all the managers know exactly how the fans feel." — John

"Barry Bonds should be stripped of all of his awards and not given the recognition for his 'all-time hits record.' He plays under the influence! If they can do it to the Olympic stars, they should do it to professional 'superstars' that cheat to reach their goals." — Trish (Texas)

"I am a big baseball fan and love the game intensely. Barry Bonds should be suspended and all of his records stripped away. He is causing irreparable damage to the integrity of the game. This is just as bad as what Pete Rose did. You cannot afford to overlook this." — Les

"It's not OK to 'cheat.' Taking performance enhancing drugs is cheating! Bonds is getting close to the overall homerun record. There is no way he would be there if it weren't for his use of performance enhancing drugs. Almost every baseball fan in America knows this. He didn't do it on his own, so he deserves no recognition." — Dwight

"If the allegations are found to be true, then he should be stripped of all titles and records for that period of time. And for deliberately and repeatedly lying, and knowingly taking banned substances, he should be permanently banned from baseball. The same should apply to Mark McGwire and all others." — Janet

"I believe that the records achieved by anyone who uses any form of artificial means to enhance his performance should not be allowed in record books. If the sporting world wants to acknowledge their feats they should have a separate book stating that all of their stats were achieved with the use of an artificial substance." — James (Copiague NY)

"Barry Bonds may have single handedly killed the game of baseball, cold dead. How so? Consider he is about to break one of the games' most revered marks — Babe Ruth's home run total. The whole world will watch him do it, knowing full well that he is as full of steroids as a blue-ribbon heifer, but there will be nothing anyone can do because these 'supplements' were not illegal until a couple of seasons ago. If this pincushion with an ego the size of Greenland has all the meaningful home run records, what is left for fans to cherish and remember? What message does that send to our kids? Couple that with a milquetoast, figurehead of a commissioner, and baseball may be worse off than the year the World Series was cancelled. Rest In Peace." — Bob (Dana Point, CA)

"I think we should leave the guy alone. So what? Who cares? I don’t particularly like the guy, but I think this is a witch-hunt. How many hours does he spend in the gym pumping weight around? That’s dedication. Steroids don’t do anything unless you spend hours and hours at the gym. How about doing some research before you write a book? 'It gave him an edge.' Ok, well does chewing tobacco give you an edge? Nicotine clearly makes you sharper and more relaxed. Should we take away all the records of players who had nicotine in them too?" — Tom (New York, NY)

"He should be stripped of any records he holds and be banned from baseball. In addition, if he lied under oath to Congress he should be accountable legally just as MLB chiefs should be." — Doug (Charlotte, NC)

"Yeah, shocker. Many of them use steroids, nearly all use something to enhance their abilities. So what? He is an amazing player. It's not like I could have used steroids and become the player Bonds has become. People just want someone to hate." — Lew (Boston, MA)

"He should hold no records and never be considered for the Hall of Fame. Forget asterisks, his name shouldn't even be mentioned! The same goes for Sosa, McGuire, and anyone else who juiced. How many homeruns would Aaron have hit if he took that cocktail of drugs?" — Rick

"Everyone knows that these athletes use steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. They are guilty for cheating. MLB and its executives are guilty as well for letting it go on with no real penalties." — Pat (San Diego, CA)

"He should be stripped of all his records and he should be banned from baseball. This goes for anyone else that participates in illegal substances in order to enhance his performance." — Donna

"If he used steroids, he's a cheater. It is the same as if he used a corked bat. He should be removed from the league and made ineligible for the hall of fame, no matter what records he broke while juiced up." — Charlie (Hattiesburg, MS)

"If the reports are true, and Bonds DID in fact use performance enhancing drugs to make his game better, he should be banned from baseball for life. No retiring of his number, no hall of fame, no nothing to do with baseball ever again." — Rob

"MLB has a double standard. They let known cheaters (Barry Bonds) skate while banning others for life (Pete Rose). Either ban steroid users or reinstate Rose. Replacing Bud Selig would help too!" — Bill (Yankton, SD)

"He should be banned and his records removed. He took steroids and lied about it. What about Pete Rose? Why was what he did worse than what Bonds has done. I know nothing will be done because he is a big star but he should be banned for life. Kind of a double standard don't you think?" — Scott

"I think MLB needs to institute an efficient testing system that can allow them to better screen for performance-enhancing drugs. The only reason I feel they need to do this is because of the dangers involved with using steroids, and other performance-enhancing drugs. I also do not think it is fair to those who play without using these drugs. It is almost like cheating. Major League Baseball needs to get a handle on this problem as quickly as possible." — Leonard (Los Angeles, CA)

“If Bonds gets punished, then so should MLB, the executives, coaches, and managers. I even think that the league chiefs should be fired and held accountable, legally if need be, for failing the players, the fans and the game of baseball.” — Preston (Chicago, IL)