Your Grrrs: March 9, 2006

Your Grrrs...

KM in cyberspace: I was traveling out of Oakland Airport on March 4, 2006, Sunday a.m. I am not a big fan of pets on planes, but many people handle their animals very well and are non-obtrusive to other passengers. On this particular morning, a woman came walking down the concourse being led by her small, scruffy poodle thing. As she approached the seats outside the gate, she asked her dog if it would like a drink. My first thought was, “no she won’t let that animal drink out of the fountain, will she?” My second thought was no -- a pet owner would have the proper implements to feed and water her animal. But to my disbelief, she picked up this creature and treated it to a long cool drink from the provided human drinking fountains. The rest of the wait was comical as the dog sat on seats intended for human passengers, chewed on anything but its own toys and rolled around unleashed becoming a little less of a nuisance than its obnoxious owner. I own two dogs -- love’ em. They drink and eat out of dog bowls.

Barbara H. in cyberspace: Regarding your recent Grrr! applauding "Crash" for winning the Oscar, I couldn't agree more! "Brokeback Mountain" is a good film, but it wasn't the best of the lot. I'm getting tired of people overanalyzing the reasons why it didn't win. Just because a film deals with homosexuality it doesn't mean it should be the frontrunner for every award given. It was a good story, a well-done film, but more voters preferred "Crash." Period. No hidden meanings, no slams on homosexuality, no underlying plan to destroy the world ... Sheesh! Get over it already! On a brighter note, you did a great job (on the red carpet) -- and I loved Jon Stewart -- not sure why so many people are quick to knock his Oscar stint. He was hilarious and the show seemed to move much faster/smoother than in previous years. I hope he's back next year!

Rose in Indiana: I am sick of all the whining about "Brokeback Mountain" not winning best picture. Get over it! I saw both "Crash" and "Brokeback." "Crash" was an excellent movie and perhaps that is why it won over "Brokeback." In my opinion "Brokeback" was OK. "Crash" was better. Maybe that is why the Academy voted it best picture. Could it be?

Traci S on Best Song: The Oscar for best song was surprising. However, the tide had already begun to turn when Eminem won the best song award in 2003, beating out favorites U2 and Paul Simon. I believe Eminem was the first rapper to ever win this award.

Dawn in Wahpeton, N.D.: Mike, you say that Hollywood is changing but I think the list of films nominated for Oscars this year only proves, once again, that Hollywood is totally out of touch with mainstream America. In many polls taken regarding the Oscars, most Americans said they had either not seen, would not see or had not even heard of the films nominated this year. While most of us are going to see "Wallace & Grommit," "The Chronicles of Narnia," "Harry Potter" or "The Passion of Christ," the Academy is nominating mostly box office bombs in the name of "art." Forget about art ... we're just hoping to catch a relaxing movie with a couple of good punchlines that we wouldn't be embarrassed to watch in front of our kids. Hollywood ... remember that you're in the entertainment industry -- not in the art business.

Robyn T. writes: I honestly had never even "heard" of Michelle Williams, until this week of the Oscars -- I was like, who is MW? Even if you had interviewed her, it would have meant nothing!!!!!!! As for anyone else who passed the Grrr! man by ... I'm sure they probably had to use the bathroom really badly (take that however you want!) Your readers love you! Have a grrr!eat day.

Gary L. in Texas: I find it amusing that some people get so upset (Dawn A. writes to Hollywood bashers and Thomas in San Diego) because the rest of the world is not gaga over Hollywood celebs or the movies they make, or that not everyone agrees with homosexual relationships. We are all entitled to our opinion and if you don't share mine, then we will certainly agree on one thing, to disagree. I do believe that the "Hollywood clique" is self-absorbed and they think that because they have attained fame and fortune, everyone should listen to them. They should all stick to what they do best. Acting.

Nathan in Venice, Calif.: My Grrrr! is in response to Kathleen in Federal Way's comments on March 7. While I can certainly understand why certain segments of the population would be frustrated and angered by Hollywood, her accusation that Hollywood hates her, her husband, her God and her way of life is dangerously inflammatory. This sort accusation reminds me of the rants of Muslim fundamentalists who claim that Westerners hate Islam, and then use that flawed reasoning to justify their "Jihad." It's more likely that Hollywood elites perceive people like her as naïve, misguided or ignorant. Of course, they have probably spent as little time trying to understand her point of view as she has theirs, in which case the whole lot of them are best categorized as hypocrites. This country and this world are polarized enough without making over-the-top assumptions about who hates whom. Most of the time it's merely a different point of view, which is not hate, nor cause for Jihad ... liberal or conservative, Christian or Muslim.

Chris from Blue Bell, Pa., concurs: Kathleen, Hollywood hates you and your husband and your God? You've got to be a self-righteon. I detect a lot of jealousy in your message. If it bothers you so much, don't watch TV, don't rent movies etc... Does everybody's opinion have to match yours for it to be acceptable? Remember that this is America and each and every one of us, including "Hollywood," is entitled to our own opinion. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Also, it's not very Christian-like to be "hating" on everything. You're not one of those "Hypocritical Christians" who seems to be speaking louder and louder in this country now, are you? Here's the answer for you just in case you don't know. Yes, you are very hypocritical. God is about tolerance and acceptance, not hatred. Get over yourself.

Sheila N in cyberspace: GRRR to the Obliviot in my van pool who uses coughdrops to control her cough (she gets bronchitis every time the wind changes!) and is constantly swishing the coughdrop back and forth and all around in her mouth, clicking it against her teeth, smacking and slurping til I could scream! She sounds like a dog enjoying a really good bone! Only I could tolerate the dog much better! GRRRRR! And just when I manage to doze off, she coughs in my ear and I nearly jump out of my skin. GRRR again!!

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