Iran's Threats

Wednesday morning on FOX News Live I heard former Rep. Pat Schroeder say the U.S.-Iran sable rattling now under way shows that there's too much testosterone in this problem. Too testy, one might say.

I think I take offense. Is that a preference based on bias in favor of estrogen people? Let's call it testy versus esty.

I know that men can't help the fact they have a lot of testosterone flowing around in their blood. I know they can't help the fact that it causes certain differences between men and woman who carry around the much more popular and politically correct estrogen.

So I'm left to conclude Ms. Schroeder is making a value judgment about the people involved here that is gender based, or gender biased, and I think I take offense.

I don't mean to sound more teenage American male than normal but gee, Pat, what is one supposed to do when a country says it intends to inflict harm and pain on us? What is one supposed to say when that same country has already signed up 59,000 suicide bombers and now says they are ready to be deployed on martyrdom missions against Americans?

I'm not an expert on estrogen but I assume from watching nature movies that females tend to have defense mechanisms as well, and might just as well as a man tell Iran to go pound sand and remind them that we can incinerate them.

No wait, that's a little too testy. Evidently the right thing to do is be esty, according to Pat Schroeder.

So the esty approach would be: "Oh come on, Mr. Iran, you didn't mean that. Let's have some tea and talk. Did you catch Oprah yesterday? Shame about "Brokeback," no?

This is clearly a case in which Iran is spoiling for a fight. And if Ms. Schroeder wants to tamp down the hormones, she has to travel to Iran and speak to the mullahs.

It might be an instructive trip for her, as I hear they give special weight to what a woman — an American woman — might advise them.


Look, Iran is being the bad guy here. Don't lose sight of that fact. We're playing the patient internationalist game and watching while Iran rattles sabers and threatens.

Ms. Schroeder might want to take a deep breath and brush up on calling for a strong defense against Iranian intimidation.

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