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We are on the road today ... back to Indiana ... so the show originates from Indiana tonight. As an aside, yesterday I made a day trip to New York and got on the 3 p.m. shuttle back to D.C. and ended up staying on that plane on the runway in N.Y. for about two hours. Something happened with the radar system at the airports in N.Y., so we were delayed.

At one point during the long delay, before we had any information from the pilot as to why we were not taking off, or when I was simply not paying attention and heard none, I called my producer and asked if there was some sort of "problem" that was holding us on the runway. It is hard not to be suspicious of a bigger problem when you get held up at a N.Y. or D.C. airport. (I was on the runway in D.C. headed to N.Y. on 9/11 and at first our plane was held with no information at first so I am always a bit suspicious. I had a friend who BlackBerried me that one plane had hit the World Trade Center and the pilot had only said something innocuous about a ground delay.)

My producer — via BlackBerry — wrote that she knew of no problem. Seconds later, and coincidentally, a viewer sent me an e-mail (actually a news tip) telling me about the radar problem at all the N.Y. metropolitan area airports. The e-mail was completely spontaneous ... from a viewer who I don't know. I forwarded it to my producer and we laughed at how I was getting my news from a viewer on my BlackBerry on the tarmac at LaGuardia. And to that viewer, if you are reading this blog, thanks for the update!

When it rains, it pours. I spoke to Beth Holloway Twitty yesterday and she told me she broke her leg. On the good side, if there is a "good side" to a broken leg, she is a good sport about it. Beth is a strong person. I am sure that having a broken leg is insignificant when your child is missing.

Now for some e-mails, randomly chosen:

E-mail No. 1

I am somewhat confused in my thinking after watching every minute of your interview with Joran. Either he is absolutely innocent or he is an evil person who can lie like a dog. Either way, we still know nothing. I think you may be on the right tract with the Kalpoe brothers. Who knows, maybe Joran is innocent, but I bet he sure knows what did happen to Natalee either way.

My regret is that I did not get to see the interview with Beth Twitty the other night. Can you run it on your Web site or where can I get a transcript?

Thanks and keep up the good work. I don't care what anyone says, you have followed this and done more for the case than anyone else has. My hat is off to you! Keep up the good work. You will solve this yet.
Pat R.
Salem, VA

E-mail No. 2

I agree that Joran did a good interview but let's face it, he is a con man to his own mother, sneaking out without her knowing. He has had nine months and the help of parents and lawyers to learn a story, rehearse a story, retell the story and believe the story he is telling.

He was too sure of all the answers to you. Occasionally you would throw him, and he would have a different look, he would kind of smile (like you asked him something he hadn't thought of answering before).

Joran's story does sound logical and truthful in some sense. However, the way the story conveniently points to one or both of the Kalpoe Bros. (who are non-English speaking with less resources and connections to defend themselves then Joran), I think this should continue to raise flags against Joran. Good work Greta.
Stephen Roberts
Cleveland, OH

E-mail No. 3

That has been Beth's biggest error from the start, surrounding herself with weak and incompetent people like Julia Renfro and Greta. It would be interesting to know where this case would be right now if Beth had surrounded herself with the right pack of people from the start. Maybe Beth is realizing the amount of hours she has wasted on Greta's show while Greta trots around Aruba asking what kind of food is served in the jails and shows us how a sliding door at a hotel operates.

Beth must be upset to see how Greta really messed up that interview opportunity with Joran last week. I knew before it even aired that Greta wouldn't be able to handle it, she doesn't have the intelligence or the strength to do things like that. Even Jossy, a man in his 70s was surprised to see how bad Greta did. Jossy could even point out how Greta just couldn't handle any follow-up questions and couldn't handle the interview.

E-mail No. 4

Thanks so much for the interview. Finally something on TV that kept us from falling asleep. I waiver back and forth about Joran — and I am sorry to say that Natalee seems like a rich, spoiled girl. I lived in AL for several years and have heard other comments regarding black people like hers — O.J. was guilty purely because he married a white woman, for no other reason ...

Long ago on one of the FOX reports, my husband and I heard a statement that Natalee had run off like this before, then we never heard anything about it — what do you know? Thanks. Loved you and Roger during O.J. and still do.

E-mail No. 5

Has it ever occurred to you and to your expert panel to think of another scenario regarding Natalee's disappearance? Now you are on the Kalpoe brothers. Give me a break. How can two teenagers and one 21 year old murder a girl and completely, totally get rid of her without a trace in a couple of hours?

You have convinced 60 percent of Americans that Joran is guilty and now you try to convince more gullible people about the guilt of the Kalpoes. Once that story is solved and those three suspects are found innocent they will have cause to sue FOX News.
Inge Hanson
Shasta Lake, CA

E-mail No. 6

Have you considered the irony of the grad student Iranian terrorist who drove into a group of UNC-Chapel Hill college students to punish the US Government?

UNC-Chapel Hill is one of the most liberal universities in America, and the probability is that most of those students he ran over would have agreed with his views. Do you find that as ironic as I do?

Aside from a stupid way to make his views known, he's an imbecile in his choice of targets!
Vickie Kellogg
Charlotte, NC

E-mail No. 7

I watch you every night and have just about exclusively watched your coverage of the Natalee Holloway case. I agree with one of the other writers who [said] Joran is a sociopath. Please, please, please tell me that you guys (panel and yourself) are just acting like you believe Joran, and intimated that one or both of the Kalpoes are responsible as a ploy to get them to come forward and give their sides of the story in an interview on your show. If not then I think you guys are losing your touch and being taken in by a kid that had a long time to rehearse. Thanx for listening.
Madeline Sullivan

ANSWER: As a request to all viewers, all the time, please be very careful to listen to the exact words used by my panel and me. And please don't jump to conclusions ... or stretch what the panel says. We all stand by what we actually say not what you might think was said or worse, implied. As an aside, each panelist has said, and knows, that this is an ongoing investigation. New facts could arise which change the entire direction of the case. It would be unwise to be fixed on any set of facts in an ongoing investigation. A good investigator keeps his or her eyes wide open at all times. That does now mean one should be ignorant — but should hold final judgment until all the facts/proof.

E-mail No. 8

Hello Greta,
Have always enjoyed you and your show (even before you came to FOX). I am apparently one of those few people that says, "Prove to me that someone is guilty". The big thing with some people is that Joran has changed his story. Let me see here, he has been interrogated at length and still no confession from this hardened criminal. He did not even have the right of saying I want my lawyer as a right we have in the U.S. We have had much tougher men break down and confess with such rights. I am hearing there are several people changing their stories about what happened at the bar before the gruesome murder of the college student. I guess by some people's reasoning they must be involved in the murder, we have a conspiracy. People lie and change their stories all the time. Even Bill Clinton lied under oath as president of the United States. Joran's story seems totally plausible under the circumstances.

Now to Natalee. You asked Joran what he thought happened to her. Well we do not know. However there are some possibilities that do not involve foul play. She may have decided to wade out in the water and got ate or carried away by the current. She may have had too much to drink and died of alcohol intoxication. We do not know, but why not stop accusing people when we do not know what happened.

E-mail No. 9

Hi Greta,
I had not seen the clip where you asked questions of Steve Croes before. As soon as he told you "I'm innocent," a giant red flag went up for me. I wonder why he would say he is "innocent"? He certainly wasn't innocent of giving a false statement to the police when he said he saw them drop Natalee off at the hotel. Maybe he was establishing his own alibi?

If Joran is telling the truth, I think the Kalpoe brothers and Steve Croes returned to the beach and did something to Natalee after Satish took Joran home. I have always believed Steve Croes disposed of her body, by pulling it out to sea on the party boat he works on, but I always thought he was Joran's friend.

I hope the Aruban authorities check into his calls and e-mails, as well as those of the Kalpoe brothers during that time. If Joran is telling the truth, Steve Croes is probably sitting back and letting Joran take the blame for him.
Rosie Cooley

E-mail No. 10

Hey Greta,
Do you have any idea what happened to Catherine Herridge <,2933,1194,00.html>? It seemed like she was a rather constant correspondent for the network and all of a sudden fell off the side of the earth.

ANSWER: Maternity leave.

E-mail No. 11

I wanted to write to tell you how hooked you got me on the story of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. I am an American living in Italy for the past three years. I don't have satellite television at home and only recently found out we have FOX News on the satellite at my work. I am quite out of the loop on what happens in the U.S. However, once I realized I could watch FOX News, I started to do it every chance I got.

One or two weeks ago I started watching your show. After hearing about Joran van der Sloot for two days in a row, I had to know what the case was about. So, I did some research online and I was able to catch the first night of your interviews with Joran.

My perspective is not tainted at all by the first impression everyone else got of him. I really believe him and believe that he is not involved in her disappearance. I remember what my brother was like at his age, and how arrogant he could sometimes be and how teenage boys can seem to think they know everything and can get away with anything. I sensed some of that same behavior in Joran, but I sensed also that he had matured in some ways too. He said some things that I thought were intelligent and rational (about the effect on his family and the idea of boycotting an island) and I also thought about the fact that there are so many situations that a young person gets into where anything could happen and there could be no way to reconstruct the events. He also had to respond to some difficult questions.

I could write a lot more about this, but what I really wanted to say, I've said. Except that of course I really hope that Natalee is found safe. Thanks for your time and thanks for your reporting.
Rachel Bowman

E-mail No. 12

Dear Greta,
New look for Bernie Grimm ... haircut and no glasses. He looks much younger w/o glasses.

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