Tragic News

Well, all fun was sucked from the show after the tragic news of Dana Reeve's passing. We got word in the final hour, although we later learned she passed away last night from lung cancer.

Like many of you, I just have to feel especially bad for their 13-year-old son. He first loses his dad, who was in a wheelchair for most of his life and now his mom. We had her on quite a few times and even worked New Year’s Eve when Christopher Reeve worked Times Square. They seemed to have such an incredible relationship and now they are together again.

As for our show, it was Tuesday, so for “Fox & Friends First” that means just one thing – it’s Tiki Time. He is one of our favorite Barbers and it was especially great to have him talk about the NFL labor impasse and the passing of Twin great Kirby Puckett. Of course, I also believe he was the only standout running back talking terror, business, weather and more, unless, of course, Emmit Smith scooped up a morning gig.

Page Hopkins has been great to work with as well these last two days. I'm not too sure she likes me, but I know she accomplished one thing few others have done: to get the great Mancow to apologize. I thought he was just dissing her by calling her E.D. on Monday, but he really thought it was E.D. Tuesday he came clean and on behalf of Kiran, Juliet, Lauren and Alisyn, I accept his apology.

On “Fox & Friends” we looked at many issues, but the personality that stole the show was Brenna from “America Idol.” She has such a good natured way of being pushy and confident you just have to feel she will be successful as an actor, singer or host. No wonder Simon liked her best. And she has no plans on slowing down. Funny to learn she sincerely was one of those New Yorkers who would push their nose close to the glass and drive all of you crazy at home only to see herself one year later in a bigger and better studio. Now she’s on the other side of the glass looking out.

Don't miss Wednesday’s show where rapper, producer, actor Ice Cube makes his rookie debut on “Fox & Friends.” John Feinstein will talk about this new book on the NCAA tournament and we are also certain to recap ”American Idol” with unique insight and flair.

If you are looking for a new book for your family, friend or archrival, snatch up E.D.'s "Going Places" and for your team, my tome, "The Games Do Count." Keep watching “Fox & Friends” and thanks for keeping us number one.

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