Iranian End Game

Iran threatened to start full-scale uranium enrichment if members of the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency press for U.N. Security Council action over Tehran's nuclear program at a meeting that opened Monday.

A top U.S. diplomat, meanwhile, said there was an urgent need to confront Iran's "clear and unrelenting drive" for nuclear weapons.

Iran "must be made aware that if it continues down the path of international isolation, there will be tangible and painful consequences," John Bolton, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, told the conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee on Sunday. Read more.

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"I think we've talked enough. Waiting any longer will only create disaster." — Colleen

"I hate to say we will go to war with Iran at this time. We're already fighting the war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan. I feel we should finish what we have started in those countries first and see what happens down the road with Iran. If Iran does anything to the neighboring countries around them, it will justify our actions even more, of going to war with Iran or at least knocking out their nuclear faculties. Diplomacy is the best choice at this time." — Charles

"I think Iran will continue to try to defy pressure to give up its plans for nuclear weapons as long as it can. When finally faced with either economic or military action, they will relent and allow IAEA inspectors to monitor its program and probably accept the Russian offer to enrich its uranium. Meanwhile, they will use President Bush's deal with India as an excuse to claim they are being discriminated against. The world needs to move quickly on this issue before it spirals out of control." — Bob (Fallbrook, CA)

"Iran will do what they want to and lie about whatever they need to do so. I think strategic strikes will ultimately be made to curtail their dangerous progress." — Harry (Mississippi)

"I don't know what the ultimate resolution will be. I don't understand why we are even in the U.N. I can't see the sense in messing around with Iran. They are just stalling for time. Their word means less than nothing and we ought to just take care of the problem right now. If that means we bomb strategic targets then lets shut-up and do it, in spades and with all we have. Just forget diplomacy and do it!" — Carole (Valley, WA)

"Wow, Iran clearly has WMD and yet we went to Iraq. Big duh! Thanks to Bush for getting us into this mess. What's the ultimate resolution? Not sure but I am sure Bush will lie about it as he has about everything else (i.e. 9/11, Iraq, Katrina, his military service, and on and on)." — Sammy

"I think we should just nuke their nuclear site. We need to show the Muslim world that we are not weak." — Eric (Oregon)

"The resolution with Iran? There will ultimately be the resolution of war. This current game will continue for a while until Israel or the U.S. has to take matters in it's own hands. We will be involved in a war that will drain our resources beyond belief. Iran is not Iraq. If you think Iraq is ugly now, you have no clue as to how bad it could be in Iran." — Jay (Iraq)

"I'd say let the U.N. step up to the plate this time and do what it is suppose to do in these matters instead of us always looking like the bad guy. The U.N. has been worthless thus far and its dues are a waste of money unless it quits talking and does more walking." — Sally

"I think if they don’t comply there country would be a good place to have a total blacktop run way to land planes or what ever." — Irv

"Going to war with Iran is an irresponsible notion. Bolton is an idiot and is the last person qualified to represent the U.S. It just shows you how disrespectful Bush is towards the rest of the world by letting this hot head mouth off." — Karen (Mobile, AL)

"The only thing we can do is use Surgical Air Strikes. It won't completely stop them but it will put them behind by about 5 years." — Brian

"Hopefully the ultimate resolution with Iran will come not at the hands of a war hungry president but by a new administration that holds the intelligence and vision needed to make real change in the world." — Louis (Boston, MA)

"If we have to, we should lead a coalition to Iran and do what needs to be done." — Bill

"Given that we never really forced the issue with North Korea, I would say the ultimate outcome will be the U.N. and the U.S. let's Iran do what it wants. Then, in a couple of years there will be a nuclear exchange resulting in the destruction of Israel and most, if not all, of Iran." — John (Rio Rico, AZ)

"It is doubtful the U.N. will do anything unless forced by the U.S." — Roger

"If our president was smart, he would offer Iran the same deal he did India. I fail to understand why it’s not okay for Iran to have nukes for peaceful reasons. Yet it's okay for Israel to have nukes." — Warren (Harker Heights, TX)

"Well, I'm not sure, but more than likely if sanctions don't work, they will have to be dealt with by our military." — Dege

"They can stop now or under a few mushroom clouds to change their minds." — Robert

"There will be sanctions. Iran's economy will suffer. Israel will bomb the buildings that house what is being used to enrich the uranium. Iran will lose one way or another." — Peter (Charlotte, NC)

"The best possible solution (although unlikely) would be that the Iranians agree to allow the Russians to process uranium to a purity sufficient for nuclear electricity but not enough for a nuclear bomb, under surveillance of the U.N., including American inspectors. If the Iranians don’t agree to that, the U.S. and Western Europe need to have the courage to impose sanctions, and be willing to enforce them by a naval blockade if necessary. Nuclear weapons, by themselves, are not a major problem, since Russia, China, Britain, and France have had them for decades, and never used them. Nuclear weapons in the hands of radical, suicidal fanatics are extremely dangerous, which is why we should be working with dissident pro-Western groups within Iran to unite to overthrow the mullahs. While a military strike against Iran should be a last resort, it cannot be ruled out, before an Iranian nuclear bomb explodes in Israel or Europe." — Steven (West Hartford, CT)