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You might want to pick up Newsweek today and read the story about Houston, Texas. We are letting Houston down and making a huge mistake in doing so. We owe Houston help.

When Katrina hit the Gulf States and New Orleans, Houston was extraordinary in helping. I was there and I saw it. Houstonians (and other Texans) immediately opened their doors and their arms and worked around the clock to provide food, clothing and shelter to people in great need. They were exhausted from their 24/7 help... and they helped and helped and helped. They never stopped helping — they were determined and they never said no. Houston — and Texas — only said, "Yes, we will help," and they did.

Now Houston — and Texas — have so many problems stemming from their post-Katrina help (see the Newsweek article) and they can't solve them alone. This time they need the help. If we don't step in fast and help Houston with all the post-Katrina problems that have been created in their community, what community is going to help next time? We should help them. They deserve it. W e owe them. We should prove our deep gratitude to Texas. The Newsweek article is entitled, "Katrina's Latest Damage," and was written by Arian Campo-Flores.

I was in New York City last week and appeared on Geraldo's new FOX Network (not FOX News Channel) show. I took advantage of the moment and shot a pic of Geraldo during his break. You get a bit of a look at his studio and you will see what anchors do during commercial breaks: Yes, drink coffee — not a surprise. Check out the picture that I have posted.

We have recieved many, many e-mails about our unedited interview with Joran van der Sloot. I am reading them all, but am not able to respond to all of them because of the volume. I spent several hours over the weekend reading and answering e-mails.

After conducting the interview of Joran, I now have some additional thoughts about what should be the next step in the investigation. A good investigator always knows to keep the door open on many possible scenarios — you should not be married to one theory until a crime is solved. You follow the facts. You also need to be willing to adjust your thinking as the facts warrant. You can think one person is responsible — or not responsible – then get additional facts and discover you were wrong in your original thinking. A week later another fact arises which causes you to refocus back to your original suspect, etc. Bottom line: We all have the same goal: to solve the mystery behind Natalee's disappearance and to get her justice.

If I were the Aruban police, I would take our two-hour plus interview and compare it to all the other statements given in the case by Joran and others. I would look for inconsistences — not insignificant ones due to time and memory issues, but big ones that undermine credibility. Likewise I would look for consistences and evidence which might corroborate what Joran said to us in the unedited interview. My goal would be to determine if Joran was lying or telling the truth.

I received an e-mail over the weekend from a known and reliable source who said that Aruban Deputy Police Chief Dompig said he had not watched Joran's unedited interview with us and said, [lifted quote from the e-mail to me] "these things don't mean anything to us. We have a serious investigation. We wouldn't use it in the investigation. Aruban courts will not use it." If this is indeed Dompig's view, it is a flawed investigative one and should alarm Arubans and anyone else interested in finding out what happened to Natalee. Our interview should be important to Dompig — it will tell him for certain whether Joran is lying (if it establishes inconsistencies with previous Joran declarations and evidence in police custody) or telling the truth (in which case they need to change the direction of their investigation.)

I hope the e-mail I received with Dompig's quote is wrong — a misquote. If not, this is serious. It would suggest to me that ego is getting in the way. I hope I am dead wrong on this. This is an important investigation. I am hoping that Dompig is just making those statements publicly to distract (in other words for a good investigative reason) but behind the scenes is studying the Joran interview carefully. My guess is that he IS studying the interview. This would be extremely basic investigation — Investigation 101.

Now some of your randomly selected e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

After watching part 1 of the interview Joran said he lied about his age to Natalee. He said he was 19 years old. Then when he states he left the beach it was because he had to go to school the next day. I find this interesting. I don't know if he is guilty but I think he knows more than he lets on.
E. Ziegler
Peachland, NC

E-mail No. 2 — This next e-mail refers to the gruesome murder of Imette St. Guillen in New York City:

The least the MEDIA could do is remind young ladies not to be bar hopping at 4 a.m. alone. The last bartender said she had a couple of drinks and was people watching. Was she looking for someone? She talked to a friend on her cell phone. I think these gals feel way too secure with a cell phone in hand.
Steve Brute
Las Vegas, NV

E-mail No. 3

Hello Greta,
Of the e-mails that you "randomly" picked to display on your blog after part II of the Van der Sloot interview, all except one praised the interview and how wonderfully you conducted it. I don't dispute that the interview was a good idea. However, apart from the tremendous audience that the show must have attracted, did it really adavance Natalee's case one iota? If anything, it served to slander her all the more while the Dutch boy pathetically whimpered why he was the victim!
As far as interview tactics go, the rapid-fire, staccatto type questioning you used didn't seem to bother him one least bit. There he was, calmly dipping into his water bottle, smiling from ear to ear and answering and philosophising with a cockiness that could only be born out of one thought... catch me if you can! And come to think of it, he's right. You could interview him as long as you want, find as many lies and discrepencies in his statemenmts as you want, yet without sufficient proof, you can do nothing to him! And, unless the clock can be turned back, so will it be.
Roy Jacob
Toronto, Canada

ANSWER: Roy, you obviously have never conducted an investigation. "Locking one in" to a version of events is critical to proving or disproving the truthfulness of it. So yes, it does advance an investigation. The interview can now be taken and compared and contrasted with other known facts, declarations, etc.

E-mail No. 4

I think that all those boys played a part in Natalee's disappearance. Joran has had almost one year to get his story straight. That is why it all seems to come together and make sense. You don't continously lie about things if you are not guilty of something. Sometimes people lie to the point that they start to believe themselves.
I am a young lady who has travelled to many of the Caribbean islands with friends and there is always a local meat market bar full of hungry men lurching for naive girls especially the touristy looking ones who:
1. Never have been away alone in their lives
2. Who aren't drinkers and drink because they are away on vacation but don't know how to handle alcohol.Especially some of the Caribbean liquors.
3. Who would just take a drink from any one and not even know that something might have been slipped into it. ( Didn't Joran say he did a 151 proof shot with Natalee? 151 proof rum is strong?)
Sadly, Natalee, I believe was a perfect target for those boys. Something still does not seem right. He knows what happened to Natalee. It would be interesting to get Deepak in a room and see what his explaination of that night would be?
I commend the Holloways for keeping this story alive. Let's hope for a resolution. Great interview!

E-mail No. 5

You were to easy on him. He had nine months to rehearse his story. Why didn't you ask him to take a lie detector test? I think that would really clear all this up.
A long time fan,
Mike Stephens

E-mail No. 6

While watching the first two interviews with Joran, I still believe he is guilty. His comments to Greta's questions are too smooth at times. He has had months to think about questions he would be asked and prepare his answers in hopes that people would believe him. He is probably a good actor and I still do not believe him. He evades answering questions about the brothers... probably because he does not know how they would answer questions and he would want to keep the answers the same as theirs.
Thanks for taking time to read this. I will be watching the third interview with Greta and Joran tonite.
Charmaine Taylor
Monroeville, PA

E-mail No. 7

Hello, I saw you and Beth many times at the Holiday-Inn, and quite observing. I can tell that as for a fellow American it is maybe hard to see with a different eye.
You both felt very comfortable and trusting from the beginning. That is why there were no more room for Aruba or Arubans. In the meanwhile, Aruba got dragged and pushed down by your program. America has a different opinion about Aruba thanks to all the bad media propaganda. You still think it will be a fair poll result? I don't think so.
The Arubans and our Island even got boycotted thanks to programs like yours.
Now you've a voting poll going on, whether Joran is guilty or not, making people judge somebody that isn't their fellow citizen.
If you run the same poll you are running in the States and you run it in Aruba, you'll get a complete different result.
So why don't you take the challenge, and run the same poll down here through our media and let the people of Aruba give their opinion?
You'll be surprised. Think it over.
Maureen Laaf-Ras

E-mail No. 8

One comment that Joran made that really jumped out at me was when Natalee wondered if the Kalpoe brothers were his slaves. Did they hear that remark?If they did that could have possible angerd them maybe enough to go back to the beach that night after they took Joran home. Just a thought. I was inclined to beleive him also.
Bedford, PA

E-mail No. 9

Hi, Greta,
You have got to read Joran's body language! Judge Judy used to instantly know when a defendant was lying by his eyes blinking, etc. Please don't let Joran fool you! Remember, he's had nearly a whole year to perfect his slick, oily story, with the help of his career law dad. Of course he was convincing. His life depends on it. Didn't you see Joran's very rapid eye blinking — just as Westerfield did, just as Scott Peterson did in their interviews?
Judge Judy often says, "Sir, I don't believe you, your eyes are twitching." And Joran's rapid blinking was done on key words. Also, he licked his lips with that oily tongue on the key word, ocean. She is most surely in the ocean.
Remember, Joran has had 18 years to practice fooling women like his incredibly naive mother. Interestingly, she and Natalee are strawberry blondes, like you! But you are too smart to be fooled!
San Diego, CA

E-mail No. 10

What happened to "Innocent until Proven Guilty"? You seem to have forgotten all about this.
Your poll is misleading. You have spent 9 months trying to prove Joran guilty and now you give him two or three part nights. In all fairness you should spend the next 9 months proving him innocent – which he is! I do not call this fair and balanced. It is obvious that ratings mean more to you then being fair. I live in Alabama and I do not support the boycott!

E-mail No. 11

Hi Greta,
I watched your entire interview with Joran, and the comments afterwards. He sounded very convincing — sincere — caring. This being the case, I find it hard to believe that he would have left a young American girl in a foreign country alone on a beach, and then go home, log on to his computer and have something to eat. Unless, he knew that someone else was going back to her for a reason yet unknown. Also, what young girl, if she had full, or even partial, control of her physical and mental faculties, would remain behind, alone, in an unfamiliar area, just a few hours before she was to leave for home. Was she just going to get up and walk back to the hotel when she was ready? After being driven to the beach, would she know where she was? I don't think she was responsive when Joran left her. Thus, he had no conversation regarding her wanting to stay behind to watch the stars, or whatever. He couldn't go back for his shoes because he did not want to take the chance of being seen, or he told someone else to pick them up. I feel Joran is still lying, he knows more, and the Kalpoe brothers are more involved than we presently know in this tragedy.
Cleveland, OH

E-mail No. 12

I've lost some respect for you. If someone accuses you today of murder, will you lie? Of course not! But, you are starting to believe Joran? He lied and lied and lied. But now all the sudden he is telling the truth? How could he have pulled the wool over your eyes?
Josh Rittenhouse

E-mail No. 13

Dear Greta Van Susteren,
Your interview with Joran was great, but I can't believe you are that gullible! You told Mr. Hannity that you are leaning toward believing Joran's story, because the facts check out. I think you missed some obvious details which make absolutely no sense at all. There was no reason for Joran and the Kalpoes to lie the night that Natalee's mother showed up at Joran's house. If it was as simple as Joran and Satish leaving Natalee on the beach why would they spin lie after lie? It makes no sense. It would have been very simple after a day or two in jail to tell the truth. After 90 days in jail it would be likely that at least two of them would tell the truth. If they were separated for that time and two of them said they left her on the beach it would have made sense. After all this time and all these stories it seems unlikely that this is true. They had something bigger to hide or with everything they went through this would have come out long ago. There would not have been a string of several different stories.
This story was contrived. The magnitude of the lies they told does not fit the level of guilt they would have had for leaving her there.
This kid is a smooth liar. He drinks, gambles, has sex with multiple partners with no relationship. He is an obvious smooth talker who conned you.
L. S. Garrity

E-mail No. 14

I just watched you on "Hannity & Colmes" and, I know that you're privy to a lot of information that, makes me and my conjectures seem rash. I do get extremely frustrated because, in my gut, I know that "something is rotten in Denmark!" Greta, I just feel it, no-I can't articulate precisely what it is, it's just a sense...One (or more) of those four men, is very aware of, what happened to Natalee Holloway.
I'm getting ready to watch your show and, have my 'magnifying glass' close at hand. I do want to be fair and objective however, I keep geting a visceral sense about the whole thing, One last word is, I also wish that the brothers would be soforthcoming (and yes, of course it's plausible that one, or both of them went back to the beach.) There's a lot of different scenarios that, run through my mind. I hope that you're right in thinking that, we might find out what really happened..
Gotta go, I'll miss your show!
Las Vegas, NV

E-mail No. 15

I pray that I am wrong, but after seeing you on "Hannity & Colmes" tonight, I am afraid that you have been taken in by this "Baby Face." He has months to practice this final lie so that he could go on shows that have wide media cover to try and convince people of his innocense. Why did you not question him further when he made the statement that he had never been out of line with any girl. What about those that came forward and gave sworn statements that he has forced himself on them. Also the fact that he states he had a girlfriend at the time this happened, but shortly added that he went out partying often and spent time with tourist to have a good time. Is this the type of person that considers himself in a relationship? I also could not help but notice that with Joran, everything that happens is someone else's fault or someone else's idea. He is a spoiled brat that is accustomed to having his way in which ever way he chooses. It is very clear that he has very little if no parential supervision. I hope that his spell on you will be broken soon. You are much to intelligent and professional to allow this to happen to you. Thanks for your time.
S. Sikes

E-mail No. 16

Greta, the guy deserves an Oscar.
Jim Reed
USN Ret.

E-mail No. 17

I wanted to believe this kid, but I can't shake the feeling that, if he didn't do anything, he is covering for one of his friends. The truth never changes. Why did he feel compelled to lie not once, but several times? I hope fpr the Holloway/Twitty family an answer will be forth coming.
Jan Fried
Houston, TX

E-mail No. 18

I really think Joran did not kill Natalee after three nights of interviews. I have my doubts about Deepak. Overall, I think he did a good job. On other shows, they have said he seemed nervous. Under these, or any other circumstances, who would not have been?
He looked you directly in the eye. I thought it was terrific of him to not lambast Beth who, if he is innocent, has ruined his life with no proof and apparently, a lot of lies on her part.
Thanks for the interviews and good job,
Linda O'Brien

E-mail No. 19

Dear Greta,
I have watched the interview for the last few nights with Joran and I am convinced that he left Natalee on the beach as he said he did. I believe that the party boat guy is the culprit and I believe that is why he went to the boys and gave them the aid of lying for them and saying that he saw them drop her off at the hotel… I believe that party boat guy either sold her or did away with her.
Las Vegas, NV

E-mail No. 20

Well Greta,
You have totally turned my head around on this case. I absolutely believe Joran van der Sloot and am so glad that you spent all that time with him. I think he is telling the truth and I hope this case gets solved so Beth can move on. I stopped watching your show because I got so tired of her saying… "you know" and never really saying anything. I won't be buying her book... I have no doubt there will be one.

E-mail No. 21

Miss Van Susteren,
I almost dropped dead when i heard you say you believed that punk, Van der Sloot. He had six months to make up a story. How can you be so gullible? No one else who seen your interview with this punk believed him.
You backstabbed Mrs. Twitty, you should be ashamed of your self, you brainless idiot. You just lost six viewers.
Mr. Santo

ANSWER: I almost dropped dead at your e-mail — to use your words. Apparently you have a potato in your ear. I did not say I believe him. What I said is that I am "inclined to believe him... that this is an ongoing investigation and a new fact could arise which would change all my views." I don't believe anyone until this is solved. No one should. I have my eyes wide open but if someone provides me information that is worthy of belief (consistent with known evidence), I am inclined to believe it but I leave the door wide open in case other evidence points at guilt. That is what I said ("get that potato out of your ear!") Backstabbing arises if I am intellectually dishonest. A criminal investigation is not about picking sides, it is about trying to get the facts. Beth knows that I want to solve this case — but we need to make sure we get the truth, whatever it is. She wants the truth. I want the truth. Incidentally, I have worked hard to help find the facts. Can you explain to me what you have done to help Beth and her family? So far it appears your time on this matter is limited to sending a nasty e-mail? If you can't think of any way to help, let me help you come up with an idea. You could start by helping Texas EquuSearch. They need financial help. Go online to their Web site and contribute.

Finally, here are some articles that caught my attention:

Police use iPod to identify apparent hit-and-run victim

Student charged with inducing panic over bike bomb scare

Man gets five years in prison for leaving woman's body on his lawn

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