Too 'Mean' to Aruba?

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Please note that we have posted a poll again today on about the Joran van der Sloot interview. The poll is on the right hand side of the page. Please be sure to vote!

We aired Part 2 of our unedited interview with Joran last night and I am curious what you think (hence the poll.) We thought last night would be the end of the interview, but there is still more to show and we will show the remainder tonight (Part 3.) We have more tape than we originally realized. We promised one thing to Joran van der Sloot: to air everything he said... and would not let any of the interview end up on the editing floor. We also make that promise to you. You will see all of the interview.

I am also curious whether certain people watched the interview. I do know that Beth Holloway did and I know that several people in Aruba went to the bar at the Mariott Hotel in Aruba to watch, but I was told that the hotel took FOX News off its TV after we left. Hence people could not watch it at that hotel or at least that is what I was told.

I was also interested in what the legal panel thought about Part 1 of our interview with Joran. After the first part aired on Wednesday, and en route to my apartment in New York City, I called Jim Hammer and we talked. The next member of the panel I spoke to was Ted Williams. He called me first thing yesterday morning. Later in the day I called Bernie and we talked. I don't know what they think after Part 2 (too early to call them.) Yes, I now know what each thinks after Part 1 — they will tell you tonight.

Just how small is this world? Or how fast is communication? Yesterday from the tarmac at La Guardia airport in New York, I e-mailed my colleague, FOX News White House chief correspondent Carl Cameron. I wanted to know how to help a friend get a tour of the White House. Since I have lived in Washington for more than 30 years, it has been a long time since I have toured anything. Within seconds I got a reply e-mail from Carl telling me who to call at the White House... and adding that he was in India with the president. The world seems so very small and communication moves so, so, so fast.

I have posted some articles (at the end of the e-mails) that have caught my attention. The first is an update on a story we have covered pretty extensively. It reveals horrible new information. The second one is... well, tragic. The third is fun.

E-mail No. 1 — This first e-mail is from a reporter at Aruba Today. Her name is Dilma Arends:

Subject: Greta "Wanted"
Greta, you are so mean to Aruba.
You would have never know about the police looking for you, if it wasn’t for the same courtesy, that (thankfully) people in Aruba still haven’t lost despite your sarcasm. The Kalpoes have been under fire and are suffering a lot. They do not open the door to anyone they do not know, and that includes Arubans as well. But unlike you and your almighty attitude, we do understand that. The police have the obligation to look out for the Kalpoes and the Van der Sloots even though they are still suspects. The reason is that both families have been receiving death threats, either by phone, letters and e-mails, thanks to programs like yours and others on cable, which are geared to bully this island and the suspects, without even considering that Natalee may have run away. You never looked into the family demographic of the Twitty/Holloways to see if there was anything amiss (or not) there.
The Kalpoes felt threatened, and yes, may have mistaken "Nadira" for "Murderer." You in the USA seem to forget the first language here is NOT ENGLISH. We may speak English, but for most Papiamento, Dutch or Spanish is still their first language. DO YOU HAVE ANY UNDERSTANDING for that? I doubt that. So, when the Kalpoes heard "Murderer," in view of the death threats, they called the police and gave the police the license plate number of your rental car. They were not looking for Greta the Great, but for someone who may have been a threat to the Kalpoes.
As for some of your viewers commenting on the capability of the Aruban police force, I guess ONE unsolved possible crime case on an island weighs more than the hundreds of thousands of unsolved cases in the USA. You would think, based on reactions, that there are absolutely no unsolved cases in the USA, and no missing girls anywhere but Aruba.
Dilma Arends

ANSWER: Dilma, of course the police should look out for ALL residents of Aruba... and, of course ALL visitors/tourists. I thought my blog on Wednesday was "tongue in cheek" and not mean spirited, but I understand your view and can see how it was read that way. I know this is an important investigation and I hope people know that I know that. I want Natalee's family and friends to learn the truth — whatever it may be. And, of course, Natalee deserves justice.

But please, for a second review the situation from my view — you don't have to agree with me, but just take a quick look from my view so you can understand how this "mess" even happened. I have been to the Kalpoe residence many, many, many, many times. My conduct has always the same: to call out for Nadira, their mother. She always answered the door upon me calling out her name. Knocking alone never brought her to the door. I have never gone to their home without yelling out her name: Nadira. Every time I have been in their home, I always showed enormous respect for her, for her home and for her family. I am surprised that she — or anyone in that home — would think my conduct would suddenly change and that I would go screaming "murderer, murder, murderer." If they recognized me — and they did — I would hope they would think my behavior consistent with what it has always been: polite. I may be blunt, but I am always polite.

Obviously much time has passed and much has gone on in their lives. They may now hate me for my persistence. But, as an aside, I have not gone nutty — I would not stand outside a house screaming, "murderer, murderer." My intention was not to be obnoxious but to talk to them. I was not seeking to alienate them — that would never help me convince them to talk to me.

E-mail No. 2

There was a time when we believed that people guilty of murder, or other horrible crimes, would eventually commit suicide because they couldn't live with themselves. In this day and age taking a life is meaningless and carries no more concern than getting a traffic ticket. Talk about going to hell in a hand basket... God help us.
Mel Thibodeaux
St. Augustine, FL

E-mail No. 3

Dear Greta,
After watching your interview last night, I still believe Joran knows more than he's leading on to. Is it possible after Deepak dropped Joran of home, he returned to the beach looking for Natalee? And who knows what happened?

E-mail No. 4

Joran seems to trust you, he talks to you like you are a friend. I did not see anything in the interview with Joran that he said to make him look guilty. I think he is innocent. I need more true evidence about this case than what I have heard to say I think a person is guilty. Greta did anyone tell you who the person or persons are who saw Joran give Natalee drugs? Do you know or does anyone know who the three girls who accused him of giving them drugs are? I am so happy you did this interview. I do enjoy your show very much.

E-mail No. 5

On your current broadcast with the one from Aruba: He stated that he went to the beach to have sex, (or that was what was on his mind). Then he stated that he said to her, "I can not because I do not have a condom." Give me a break, if that were me and I believed the same thing, I would have made damn sure I had a condom. Most likely several.
Jay Jordan

E-mail No. 6

Hey Greta,
Is Aruba offering a reward for you? I sure could use some extra cash!

E-mail No. 7

Some people on the Scared Monkeys blog are saying that you (FOX News) paid Joran $100,000.00 for the interview. Would you please clear this up publicly so they will stop the rumors?
Peg Robbins

ANSWER: Sure, I will clear this up. Whoever is saying we paid $100,000 is delusional. We did not pay for the interview. We did not pay $100,000 and we did not pay anything less than that (although we did, as we do for many guests and all cable news do it, pay for hotel and transportation.)

E-mail No. 8

After having taught high school for 30 years I am reminded of delusional parents' favorite line: "My child would never lie to me." I once asked a really good kid if he would lie to his parents and he replied, "Only if absolutely necessary." Joran is a LIAR and if he would serially lie how can anyone believe he had nothing to do with her disappearance? He may get away with it but my impression is that we are watching a sociopath. God help anyone who chooses seriously to enter his life.
Margaret Mathis

E-mail No. 9

Hey Greta,
Did you know that Joran said today on the Aruban radio that he felt pressured by you to point the finger at the Kalpoes? Well, thought I would send it along to you while I am sitting here waiting for the part two of your interview with Joran. I still believe he is guilty. His demeanor seemed to change right as your questions led him out of Carlos 'n Charlies. Of course, I have been following the case since the beginning with Scared Monkeys and Blogs for Natalee.
I thought you might be interested in Joran's comments he made on the Aruban radio interview today. He will be leaving for the Netherlands tomorrow and I guess it is no surprise that the police have not bothered to question him again... even though your interview brought out many different points and some changed stories.
Thanks so much for all that you do! It was a great interview!

ANSWER: I heard from another that Joran said I pressured him to point the finger at the Kalpoe brothers. My questions on the interview will indicate exactly what I did or did not do. As an aside, I hope I asked probing questions about the Kalpoe brothers just like I hope I asked probing questions to him.

E-mail No. 10

Dear Greta,
I have followed the Natalee Holloway story from day one. I was convinced, without a doubt that Joran was guilty... until now. I cannot believe that I have had such an overwhelming change of heart, and I don't know why.

E-mail No. 11

Hi Greta:
Absolutely fascinating interview with Joran. I am under the impression now that he didn’t do it. He did some stupid things, but he was 17 and I can buy his story about making up the lie of dropping her off at the hotel. I don’t think it’s right that he lied, but I can follow along with his story.
I pretty much think it was Deepak and Satish probably was just protecting his little brother.
Lisa Snyder
Connersville, IN

E-mail No. 12

The more I hear, the more I suspect the Kalpoes — in particular Deepak. Why would Deepak say absolutely nothing about the night before on the way back to Joran's house after the phone call from Joran's father, and yet, all of a sudden, come up with a story about the two security guards. Although I can't really understand Joran's agenda for doing all these interviews, I also think the Kalpoes' silence speaks volumes... love the show.

E-mail No. 13

Greta! I am almost too angry to send this! How dare you have Joran on your show to spew more of his lies — after he has had months to practice another story? What has happened to logic and common sense?
We have all listened to the many concocted stories. We have seen his father with sweat running down his face-with fear his guilt will be found out. This horrible boy and his father murdered this girl. She probably wasn't the first girl he had brought to their home for the father to "enjoy"!
I do think this type of show is beneath you. We usually watch you, however this type of show is despicable. Believe we will tune you out.
Janice Tyler
Decorah, IA

E-mail No. 14

Hi Greta,
Well, I tried to watch this with an open mind although I had formed an opinion. Joran is very emotionally removed from himself and this entire case. That appears to be a bad sign to me, and everything is about him. He has some good points about the Kalpoe brothers and it appears clear that they all know more than they are telling, but even with all of these problems it still appears to me that Joran still has some points in his story that do not make any sense. Thanks for the interview. It was a great move on your part.
Gardendale, AL

E-mail No. 15

Hi Greta,
Love your show. I may be mistaken, but it seems to me that Joran, during the first hour of the interview said that he was eating at McDonalds when his father picked him up, then in the second hour, he said he went into the kitchen to get something to eat and drink shortly after he got home. Bad case of the munchies or a bad lie on his part? Also during the first hour, he said he called Deepak about going out the next night and that Deepak said "sure", that he didn't have to work. In the second hour he said Deepak called him from work the next night about going to a casino.
Big Huggs,
Gena and Shawn Reynolds
Fort Worth, TX

E-mail No. 16

Hi Greta,
This interview so reminds me of Scott Peterson. My gut says sociopath, my mind just can't get a handle on it. Great job!

E-mail No. 17

This interview reminds me eerily of Scott Peterson giving his interview after Laci went missing. Both Scott and Joran seem to have all the answers. No one can explain every single event, yet Joran can. Interesting! Very rehearsed! Very coached! Guilty!
Lisa Barb
Sewell, NJ

E-mail No. 18

Hi Greta,
I have been accused of being naive before, but my distinct impression and gut feeling is that Joran is telling us the truth. I am very, very curious what your impressions are of him, since you actually interviewed him. You say it was very different being in the room with him, than seeing it on TV. How so? I am very curious! The case is not over yet, is it? Great interview Greta,

Here are some articles that caught my attention. This first article is one about a story we have covered many nights on our show:

Avery nephew charged with raping, killing photographer

This next story is truly tragic. There are so many good men and women police officers but a few bad apples do exist:

Five former lawmen among those charged for alleged home invasion robberies

Finally, are you ready for the Oscars?

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