Out With the Old...

OK, it finally happened. We've moved to a full-blown multi-faceted studio.

Sure, it's only 25 yards from our old studio, but it it's a monster step. It's amazing how small our other place looks — or should I said "looked" — because we did blow it up on "FOX & Friends First."

Special thanks to Donald Trump for stopping by to cut the ribbon on our brand new digs. He had every reason to turn down our request. His new series started this week and the guy is super busy. But I guess he knows, like most of you, that you just can't have any true real estate expansion without Donald's blessing. We were all surprised and thrilled he stuck around for talking points afterwards. Who would have thought they would be building a number of buildings in Dubai, as we spoke about the controversy surrounding the port issue and their proposed takeover. The polls show you are against the move and I think this next 40-day period will be quite interesting for the White House and Congress to say the least.

Meanwhile we have been monitoring the president's historic trip to India and his new nuke deal with that emerging power. Can you believe China is already calling for them to give up their nuclear weapons? I wish they were that aggressive when it came to their client state, North Korea! Hope all goes well in Pakistan, but some of the most seasoned reporters we have talk about how scary that place can be and I am sure the Secret Service is ready for anything.

OK, enough of the heavy stuff. We also had fun this week as "American Idol" crushed all comers, but not without some controversy. Twice Paula Abdul crashed and burned when Ryan Seacrest called on her towards the end of the show. I have to say, I have never seen Simon laugh so hard on that show. But at least they weren't scowling at each other. Even their producers are shocked at how high these ratings are this year. You would think at some point Americans would tire of this contest, but they seem to love it.

Overall, I just have to thank all who worked so hard to get this studio switch done — from the producers to the lighting, the staff and the crew, you guys worked so hard for weeks to make the switch happen and we appreciate it a great deal. We are soon going to be doing a lot of fun stuff — just give us some time to get the training wheels off.

And, don't miss next week's shows as, among our many guests, we interview Hank Aaron to find out how he feels about Barry Bonds' controversial assault on his all-time homerun mark and the money in the game today.

Keep watching and stay within yourself.


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