FOX Fan Oscar Picks

The "buzz" in Hollywood is that the gay cowboy movie "Brokeback Mountain" will take home the Oscar for Best Picture this Sunday, but FNC wants to know what YOU think!

What film from 2005 is YOUR pick for "Best Picture?"

E-mail us at and tell us what movie was the best and why.

Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"Crash was the best because it dealt with issues we as a society know about all too well: racism. Racism is real, yet it can't be expressed without being called a racist. What I mean is, the movie showed how people really feel about race, and aren't able to say. Plus, the performances were all fantastic and the storyline was clean and sharp." — Alison (Benicia, CA)

"The Oscars aren't even a celebration of the best movies made. It is a celebration of mediocrity. The best movies, most of the voters never actually saw. Further, most never watched the ones that were nominated. It's just like the group mentality in high school. The Oscars have NEVER meant much to me and they've NEVER had any integrity. They have historically shunned the best movies only to honor them years later in some montage or lifetime award. Case in point: Whoopi Goldberg winning for Ghost. Ghost? Are you kidding me? That was obviously for their blunder of not awarding her for The Color Purple. Whatever, I'll be watching FNC!" — J.J. (New York, NY)

"My Best Picture has got to be Walk the Line. At least it is about Johnny Cash, a 'cowboy' who is an American legend. I wonder what Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, and John Wayne would say about Brokeback Mountain getting the Oscar." — Sam (Memphis, TN)

"Dude, Wedding Crashers was the obvious best flick of 2005. Come on, how could it not be? I am sick of the high brow, overly politically correct Hollywood folk who are clueless about what Americans really enjoyed. There should be a People's Choice Oscar!" — Matt (Greensboro, NC)

"Just about anything that is not made by Michael Moore." — U.

"Well, according to my kids it would be Harry Potter all the way. And I have to agree. But it will never happen and I will never let my children watch the Oscars." — Peter (Long Beach, NY)

"Brokeback Mountain was an amazing film. And for all you homophobes who think that this wasn't happening, you are more in denial than I thought. It was a great love story. It is sad that so many people can't look beyond the fact that it was two men as opposed to two human beings." — Al (Watertown, MA)

"I couldn't care less about Hollywood. It's a night of Tinseltown patting itself on its back. It's a tacky publicity machine. Pathetic." — Stan (Camden, ME)

"The only movie that deserves an Oscar is Crash because it deals with racism and hatred and makes you look at yourself. A special thanks to Phoenix and Witherspoon for the tribute to John and June in Walk the Line." — Joe (Wasilla , AK)

"Crash is absolutely the best movie of 2005 and I would place Syriana right behind it. Both very thought-provoking movies without taking politically correct viewpoints. They both put it out there and let you think about it." — Donna (Peachtree City, GA)

"My pick of best movie for 2005 would be The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I know it's not up for best movie, but I still like it. I haven't seen any of the movies up for best picture and don't plan on it. I also don't plan on watching the Oscars. I think Hollywood has the Oscars for themselves, they don't care what the rest of America thinks. I think Hollywood celebrities live in an alternative universe all unto themselves. When movies like The Lords of the Rings and Titanic were awarded with Oscars at least they were movies a lot of people had gone to see." — Nancy (LeRoy, MI)

"Walk the Line is clearly the best picture and is frustrating to watch a so-so flick like Brokeback Mountain running with all the buzz behind it. Everyone in Walk the Line did an amazing job. It was a much better love story than the gay cowboy movie." — Stevie (Seattle, WA)

"I don't know. Movies are too expensive these days and people far too rude in movie theaters with their cell phones and yakking. I prefer my killer home theater system and watching anything Al Pacino is in." — Louis (Atlanta, GA)

"All my friends agree that we will not see any of these movies. Narnia was absolutely fantastic and was a box-office smash this year, but Hollywood won't accept a wonderfully and beautifully made movie like Narnia — just as they snubbed The Passion." — Arnette

"Hollywood is making films for themselves, so enjoy — I will never watch the Oscars till they change their self serving ideas." — Don

"I agree with what Sean Connery said a few months ago, 'The people in Hollywood are idiots.' Where’s John Wayne when you need him?" — Tony (Pittsburgh, PA)

"Since there's more hogwash movies nowadays, I've been watching oldies but goodies just as I listen to oldies but goodies music. Hollywood is immoral and nothing good comes out of it anymore. I'll stick with The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter." — Jade (Arizona)

"I could care less who wins, the whole event means nothing to me!" — Thomas (Salt Lake City, UT)

"Weren't the top grossing movies Narnia and Walk the Line? It just shows you that what the people want to see is not what the Academy is honoring." — Richard (Des Moines, IA)