Coroner: Peanut-Butter Kiss Wasn't Cause of Death

Remember the story about the 15-year-old Canadian girl with a peanut allergy who kissed her boyfriend after he ate peanut butter?

A coroner now says that's not what killed her.

The coroner in Quebec isn't revealing the actual cause of death, because he hasn't yet submitted his final report and because he's still waiting on some test results.

But he is refuting the peanut-butter report that drew attention around the world a few months ago. The coroner, Michel Miron, says he's speaking out now because the Canadian Association of Food Allergies was going to cite the case as part of an education campaign. He says he needed to let the group know that "the cause of death was different than first believed."

After the girl died, officials said doctors hadn't been able to treat an allergic reaction to the kiss the previous weekend.