Boy Who Died in Boot Camp to Be Exhumed

The family of a teenager who died after a violent altercation with juvenile boot camp guards said Friday that a second medical examiner and an independent pathologist will conduct a new autopsy on the boy.

Martin Lee Anderson's family is having his body exhumed so they can challenge the original autopsy that concluded the 14-year-old died from hemorrhaging caused by the usually benign sickle cell trait, and not from the 30-minute altercation.

"It's a crying shame — we've got to go pull our son up again just to get the truth," said Robert Anderson, the boy's father.

Martin Anderson's body will be exhumed March 12 for an autopsy by Dr. Vernard Adams, the medical examiner in Hillsborough County. Dr. Michael Baden, a forensic pathologist who reviewed medical evidence in the slaying of civil rights leader Medgar Evers, also will be present.

Baden will examine the body but cannot make any incisions because he is not licensed to practice medicine in Florida. He and Adams will issue separate reports.

Dr. Charles Siebert, who performed the original autopsy, said a new procedure was a "good idea," but was confident in his findings.

The ordeal was captured by a camp security camera, which shows guards kneeing, beating and dragging Anderson. The boy had entered the camp on a probation violation.

He was taken to a Pensacola hospital where he died the next day, Jan. 6.

Bay County Sheriff's officials have said guards were trying to get Anderson to participate after he became uncooperative.

Gov. Jeb Bush appointed Hillsborough State Attorney Mark A. Ober to review the evidence in the boy's death. No one has been arrested or fired.