Thank You, 'Big Story' Viewers

I want to congratulate you — you the viewers of "The Big Story."

You made history Tuesday.

That was when the ratings book for the month of February closed and the final results were posted.

The viewers of "The Big Story" made it the sixth highest ranked show in cable news.

O'Reilly, Brit, Shep, Sean and Alan, and Greta are ahead of "The Big Story." Everybody else is behind.

Larry King is behind. He's No. 10. Nine FOX News programs are ahead of him.

At that place I used to work — the peacock-affiliated network — you have to go down to No. 21 to find their highest-ranking show. This program draws two-and-a-half times the viewers.

What's more, "The Big Story's" win marks the fourth straight year — the 48th straight month — winning in this time slot.

This probably doesn't matter to people who don't work in this business, and you may wonder why we pay such close attention to ratings. It's simple: Ratings are the number of customers who show up at our little peanut stand everyday and everybody counts customers.

Plus, I think it's also true that no matter what the people in second, third or fourth place might say, the best program wins.

I might immodestly say I do think we're the best here. I think we cover the news better than the others and it shows.

So I thank you all for finding us everyday. We do appreciate it. And I won't say anything more about it until this time next year when we will have racked up the fifth straight year at No. 1 at 5 p.m. ET.

I know it was a self-serving My Word. What can I say? You don't get a chance for a victory lap very often.

Now back to work:

I still don't like the port deal. If Bush loses the House over it in November, the Democrats are going to try to impeach him. Mark my words.

It's the No. 1 wish of the far left and they smell blood, even though they actually support him on the ports. They'll try to impeach him over the war or the NSA or something. You watch.

That's My Word.

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