Chillin' in My Sweats


I'm realizing my blog skills are best honed at home; that's where I'm sitting right now. I'm relaxed, my belly's full of scrambled egg whites with mixed vegetables (extra veggies) and Tasti D-Lite frozen yogurt. I’m wearing my sweats — yes, the same ones I've been wearing for the past two days. I'm ready to blog!

I would be a horrible hostess to start this off without mentioning how cool, kind and often hilarious you all are — especially in times of crisis (dramatic word thrown in for added effect). During Tuesday's M&J segment, Mike and I read two viewer e-mails. One was short and sweet; it went something like: "Juliet — you're plastic and dumb." I'm paraphrasing, but you catch the drift.

The other e-mail suggested many things, such as, oh, where should I begin? Well according to the nameless e-mailer, Mike is a dirty old man who has a "thing" for me. But I'm vapid (my word), conceited and I will be lucky to ever get a man like the alleged writer, who has bestowed his beloved girlfriend with a beautiful South Carolina beach house and a four carat diamond ring. Pictures included! We laughed; many of you seethed with rage (dramatic word for effect again).

Here are some more of your thoughts on the subject:

“Having only caught the 'Juliet's hate mail' portion of Tuesday's show let me chime in to say anything Juliet has to say is completely relevant under any and all circumstances. She's easily a 12 out of 10 and any self-respecting guy with a pulse would kill or die to go out with her... regardless of their ability to show pictures of a diamond or a distant photo of a condo someplace in the south that is probably a timeshare, at best. I'm home with flu-like symptoms today, but still managed to arise from my deathbed to throw in my two cents.”
West Des Moines, IA

Thanks, Dad! (Just kidding.)

“Every time I catch ‘DaySide’ for a few moments, something stupid is being said, i.e., ‘Juliet's hate mail.’ I'm sure there must be a lot of that. I once watched daily. What is wrong with FOX that Linda Vester is gone and airheads from 'FOX & Friends' [another be sure to miss it show] take over?”
Tacoma, WA

Hmmm... I don't remember a boyfriend named PJ...

“You don't need many words to express your reaction on the nasty mail you are receiving: one finger would be perfectly enough. Best wishes to both you and Mike (it doesn't mean I like everything you are doing, though.)”
Constantine Ivanov
Queens, NY

I like the way you think, Constantine.

Many of you responded to the segment we had on lotto winners going downhill after receiving their fortunes. The doctor we brought on in our segment said, "Money is the root of all evil." Scores of you corrected that statement:

“I've been a fan of both of you for years, but never e-mailed FOX.... Today just thought I'd add my two cents to your discussion of lottery winnings, etc. Money is not the root of all evil, ‘The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil...’ quoted from the Bible, 1 Timothy, Ch. 6, verse 10...”
Rochester, NY

As for Anna Nicole Smith and the Supremes...

“Anna Nicole is my HERO. Nobody forced that old geezer to go to the strip joint. Nobody forced the old geezer to put money in her underwear. Nobody forced the old geezer to marry her. She made that old geezer happy in his last days. Anna Nicole deserves ALL of his money. If I had to sacrifice myself for that gross old man, I would certainly feel I deserved something.”
Shelley Slabaugh

I love the way Anna N. was so 'bothered' by the paparazzi swarm as she made her way into the Supreme Court. Ooooooooh it was so dramatic out there. And the craziest thing is, she may actually get the dough.

Yesterday's Mardi Gras celebration was bittersweet, for obvious reasons. More than a few of you are worried folks are Katrina'd out. Read on:

“Just to let you and your viewers know, Mardi Gras celebrations happen all across Louisiana, not just New Orleans. In fact, many more French descendants live in SE and SW Louisiana than in New Orleans and in these areas you'll find the true tradition of Mardi Gras. The reason for the popularity in that city is because of the tourists, not because of the origin. We are celebrating parades and events after being hit by Hurricane Rita, a major Category 3 which blew in only one month after Katrina. That storm caused extreme devastation in our part of the state and it’s a shame that no one has bothered to report on our recovery and determination. We call it ‘Rita Amnesia.’
I do love your show and your network, but I just thought I'd let your viewers know the whole story of Mardi Gras and other parts of Louisiana.”
Lake Charles, LA

Thanks for reading and keep watching!


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