Aruba's Most Wanted

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Tonight we air the first hour — unedited — of our interview with Joran van der Sloot. You will hear what we asked and you will hear what he said. Nothing is kept from you. The interview is unedited, start to finish. (Although there was one word that may have to be bleeped... but I have not heard back from my producers.) I have not seen the interview and will see it as you do tonight. Often interviews seem different to me on TV than when I am in the room conducting them. The producers have not touched the content of the interview (it is unedited), but will or have put some video on it for you.

I am curious as to what you think about Joran and what he says. Everyone I work with who has seen it has an opinion having seen it. I am also posting a poll right after the show, so that we can gauge your opinion. I hope you watch and vote on the poll. Thursday night is the second part of the unedited interview. We will likewise post a poll again after part two of the unedited interview. And, like the first hour, I won't see it until you do tomorrow night. (Note that I could see it but I have much to do during the day and I am content to wait until it airs since there are no editorial decisions to make. When a potentially controversial piece is edited, then you need to review for editorial issues.)

Under the headline "never dull":

We were told late last night by a reporter in Aruba that the police are indeed looking for someone: me! Yes, I am now "wanted" in Aruba... and this is so rich, that I could not think it up. I am just not that clever to make this stuff up.

Here is what happened: After we interviewed Joran on Monday in Aruba, and en route to the airport, we decided to detour and stop at the Kalpoe residence where we had been many times... and invited in many times. I have interviewed the Kalpoe brothers' mother and met both Satish and Deepak. I have spoken to their grandmother and interviewed their stepfather.

We went to the door, as we always did, knocked loudly, as we always did, called out the name of Deepak and Satish's mother, as we always did, and no answer. We knocked loudly since cars were there and we assumed that when no one answered we needed to knock a bit louder. This was how it always was. Someone might be there but not hear us. Music? In the backyard? We did not know. After a short time, we gave up. We assumed no one was home and even discussed whether they had returned to their country. Vacation? That made the most sense since the cars were there and no one answered.

As we started to leave, we noticed the police had returned Deepak's car to him... the one Natalee had been in the night she disappeared. We took some video of the car outside and started to leave for the airport.

As we left, the front door opened of the Kalpoe house opened and, since I was on the house side of the car, I jumped out to go to the door expecting them to let me in as they always have. This is what happened all last summer when we were in Aruba. Like I noted above, I have been invited in the home several times. As I approached the house, the door slammed shut. I called out, "Nadira, Nadira" — Deepak and Satish's mother's name — and suddenly very loud yelling came from the other side of the door. This was a reaction I had never received from them before.

I backed off since the yelling was so loud and I was not sure who was yelling at me. We then got back in the car and went to the airport. They obviously did not want to talk to me. I had never received a reception like that from them before.

After we left their home, and unknown to us, the Kalpoes or someone in their home, called the police and filed a complaint against me, claiming that we went up to their house yelling, "Murderer, murderer, murderer!" The Kalpoes only know my name and thus I assume the police lookout is for me alone and not my producers. Per the Aruban reporter, the police responded to their home, took the complaint and then began their manhunt... for me.

Police went to our hotel looking for me, but obviously I was not there. I was at the airport standing at the counter getting my travel set up. Apparently police sent out word to be on the look out for me or the rental car. They looked and could not find me. Police also went to the two newspapers to ask that they publish requests for help to locate me. (They should have looked in 2D on US Air!) One paper declined to report the lookout for me, one chose to report it.

From listening to the account of the Aruban reporter, much time and energy was spent looking for me. I, of course, did not have a clue. I was no doubt in the air, drinking a Diet Coke, talking to my colleague sitting next to me and they were combing the island. Little did I know that I was the subject of a manhunt in Aruba. I suppose if they had been craftier, they would have let their immigration and customs and security at the airport know to be on the look out for me — I had to present my passport at more than one checkpoint at the airport (the ticket counter, an Aruban security stand before Aruban immigration, at Aruban immigration, at U.S. immigration, etc.)

In relating the story to me, I told the Aruban reporter who knows me that I did not say that. I did not yell "murderer" in front of their house. I would not do that and she said she knows. Her paper has not yet reported it, but at least one Aruban paper has so far and others may do so today. Of course I would not simply go up to someone's house and yell "murderer."

In talking to the Aruban reporter last night, I added that I only did as I always did at their house: I knocked and called out, "Nadira. Nadira." The reporter suddenly burst out laughing and said, "I bet they thought you said 'murderer, murderer' and not 'Nadira, Nadira.'" It then dawned on me that she is probably right.

So, Natalee's missing and I am the one wanted. If the Aruban police want to find me, I suggest that they simply return one of the hundreds of calls that we have placed to them since last May. I am waiting and eager to talk to them. I just realized: they probably have my cell number, too, since I leave that number — they might have called that and gotten me at the airport or at my change of planes in Charlotte and saved some gas running around looking for me.

(One other thing, I just realized that John Walsh of "America's Most Wanted" missed his big chance to get Aruba's most wanted! He was on my second flight leg flight — escape? — that I took on Monday. I talked to him a long time as we awaited take off and sat one row behind him. He could have nabbed me! I had no place to run!)

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

I don't believe for a minute that his parents did not want him to do the interview. This is all a very carefully orchestrated dance to influence how people perceive Joran and what happened. Every last bit is scripted and planned. I can't wait to see the interview and see how it compares to the ABC one. Although, by now, he has his lines down pat.
Donna Dean
Pace, FL

ANSWER: Donna, I can't help that you don't believe it. I was there and the parents were mad at Joran and not happy with me (but cordial to me.)

E-mail No. 2

On yahoo! groups, it says the Aruban police stopped you:
"She also tried to interview the Kalpoes but was turned away. Sources say LE either escorted her from the property or stopped her car after leaving."
Word from the Kalpoes is that you called them "murderers" outside their door. Is that true? They claim to have a recording of the incident. What would you have done if they put you in their jail on the low arrest standard of reasonable suspicion? Do a show from the Aruban jail?

E-mail No. 3

Oh Greta Mydeara (no, I didn't say murderer),
You are the best! That was too funny tonight about the Aruban police searching for you. I think they may have botched the trail because you seem to have gotten away. Not to worry though I don't think they could find a burger in a Big Mac. It seems the Kalpoe household is suffering from a little paranoia? But it's good to know the Aruban police are Johnny on the spot. Stay away from that island, Greta we need you here at home. Can't wait for tomorrows show.
Love ya,

E-mail No. 4

Aruba police looking for you? Where are their priorities? I had to laugh when I heard that story? But I guess you can mistake it for murderer? What a night you had last night?
Rocklin, CA

E-mail No. 5

Girl, you better be careful. We don't want you to be in jail for a misunderstanding. Whether Joran or the Kalpoe brothers did it or not, they sure are acting very funny.
Peggy M.
Austin, TX

E-mail No. 6

I listened to your statement at the end of your show Tuesday. I am not a lawyer, but I would advise you not to make any further statements. If Aruba police use the statement against you, and lock you up then we (your fans) can't watch you "On the Record."
Bob Birch

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