Raw Data: Saudi Raids

Developments in last Friday's attack on the world's largest oil-processing complex in Saudi Arabia:

The Latest:

— Authorities in Saudi Arabia say five militants were killed during police raids.

— All five were sought in connection with the attack on the Abqaiq facility.

Fahd Faraaj al-Juwair, the most-wanted terror suspect in Saudi Arabia, died in the shootout Monday.

— He was the leader of Al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia.

— Two men who helped attack the world's largest oil-processing complex were also killed.

Militant Information:

— The two men who helped in the attack were also on the kingdom's list of most-wanted terrorists.

— Authorities say they are still trying to identify a fifth militant killed.

— They died in what's called a "fierce" but brief gunbattle in eastern Riyadh.

— Authorities have not said which of the five men participated.

— A sixth wanted militant has also been arrested.

Attack Background:

— Last week, bombers in explosives-packed cars traded gunfire with police at a facility checkpoint.

— One bomber collided with the closed gate, exploding and blowing a hole in the fence.

— The second bomber drove through the hole before police opened fire, detonating his car.

— The two suicide bombers were also on the most-wanted list.

— The Saudi branch of Al Qaeda claimed responsibility for the attack.

— The attack was the first-ever strike on Saudi Arabia's oil infrastructure.