Criss Angel: 'Mindfreak'

This is a partial transcript of "The Big Story With John Gibson," February 27, 2005, that has been edited for clarity.

JOHN GIBSON, HOST: From levitation to great escapes, he is used to shocking the public. And that's what Criss Angel, the star of his own A&E show "Mindfreak" and master mystifier, did Monday when he brought his magic to Times Square. He's here to talk about the most recent show.

So, Criss, we saw the box you were locked up in, right?


GIBSON: What happened out there? What did you do?

ANGEL: I was completely manacled by the New York City Police Department, placed inside of the crate and it was completely nailed shut and hoisted five stories above Times Square and came crashing down after two minutes. And people thought I was in the crate, I end up appearing on the Heineken Premium Light truck.

GIBSON: And you weren't in the crate?

ANGEL: No, I was in the crate.

GIBSON: At one point.

ANGEL: I was in the crate.

GIBSON: But you weren't in the crate when it hit the ground, were you?

ANGEL: Thank God, no.

GIBSON: So are we supposed to deduce how you managed to not be in that crate?

ANGEL: A lot of what I do is real and a lot of it is an illusion and I try to blur the line between both and I just leave it up to the spectator to determine what they think happened.

GIBSON: All right, now, you brought out here today three forks.

ANGEL: Right. Actually, we got them from the green room.

GIBSON: These are actual FOX News Channel issued forks.

ANGEL: That's true. I think it says FOX on the back.

GIBSON: You can do something. Now, I messed with this fork.

ANGEL: I'll try something. I'll try something if you like. And you examine these and I'm going, I'll play to this camera in front of me. I'm going to take it and shake it like this and as I shake it like this you'll see something start to happen. Watch. Look, you see it going right there? Look. I'll show you one more time.

GIBSON: Go ahead. Show me one more time.

ANGEL: There you go, watch.

GIBSON: I'm watching very carefully.

ANGEL: Right here. You'll see it happen right now. See, it's starting to go right now. Look.

GIBSON: Let me see this third one. OK, this is ...

ANGEL: I can tell you, if you have a Heineken Premium Light beer it looks a lot better.

GIBSON: Do it again. I shook it and never happened to it.

ANGEL: You've got to — every fork says where it's made on the back. This is made in Japan and it's stainless steel. But if you just shake it like this you get it just right you can heat up the metal and it will start to bend. Just like this. Watch. You'll see it go. See that?

GIBSON: You want to explain that?

ANGEL: When the camera is off, I would be happy to.

GIBSON: All right. So, what are you? Are you a magician?

ANGEL: I'm a little bit of everything. I am a performance artist and I also do mentalism.

GIBSON: What is mentalism?

ANGEL: I get inside of people's minds. I try different things to understand how people — I'm really a student of humanity. I look at people psychologically and try to assess what they'll be thinking and when they would be thinking it. And my show that premieres on A&E, we're in season two and so we're going to be doing a lot of different things from mentalism to escapes to magic and to illusions and things that the audience at home can participate in.

GIBSON: And you're going to Iraq?

ANGEL: I'm going to Iraq, very excited about going there and performing for the troops. I think it's June 5, 11 days.

GIBSON: Criss Angel, who ruined a perfectly good fork. How he did it, I have no idea. Thanks very much.

ANGEL: Thanks very much for having me.

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