Air Force to Test Crop-Derived Jet Fuel

University of North Dakota researchers say a new jet fuel they have developed from crop oils is almost ready for testing by the Air Force.

Ted Aulich, a senior researcher at the Energy and Environmental Research Center, said the new fuel is cheaper and more environmentally friendly than the leading conventional jet fuel.

He said the military is interested in the fuel because it could help reduce dependence on foreign oil.

UND chemical engineering students and faculty from the School of Engineering and Mines have been working with EERC scientists for the past four years to develop the fuel, Aulich said. It will be tested this spring in a lab at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

Wayne Seams, a UND chemical engineering professor working on the project, said scientists have improved the fuel so it performs at temperatures as cold as 60 degrees below Celsius. The Air Force specification is 50 below.