U.S. Frees Nearly 400 Male Detainees

The U.S. military released about 390 detainees in Iraq on Monday after a review committee found no reason to hold the men, a statement said.

The releases were recommended by a panel consisting of U.S. and Iraqi officials from the ministries of human rights, justice and interior, the military statement said.

Kidnappers of American freelance journalist Jill Carroll initially demanded the release of all female detainees in Iraq but later revised their demands. The deadline they set passed Sunday without word of her fate.

All the detainees released Monday were men, the military said.

The Combined Review and Release Board has reviewed the cases of more than 29,500 detainees at coalition facilities, including Abu Ghraib in Baghdad, Camp Bucca near the southern port of Umm Qasr and Fort Suse in the northern Sulaimaniyah area.

More than 15,300 have been recommended for release, the statement said.