Google's Web Page Creator Crashes On Takeoff

Search giant Google's latest feature, a personalized Web page creator, stumbled on its first day.

Google is dealing with an embarrassing capacity problem that forced it on Feb. 23, the same day the service began, to temporarily stop letting people sign up for Page Creator.

The reason? An "extremely strong demand," according to a message found on the site. "Please submit your e-mail address and we will notify you as soon as we are ready to add new accounts."

Google Reader and Google Analytics, two of Google's other applications, also went down on their first days.

Google's new service promises easy-to-create Web pages, stored on Google's servers. Each page has a Web address that begins with the user's Google account name followed by ""

Google, based in Mountain View, Calif., already offers a free, do-it-yourself Web publishing feature, Google Blogger, but it caters to those with more sophisticated Internet skills. Page Creator is for users whose Web knowledge is more rudimentary.

Page Creator competes with many other Web hosting services, most notably Google rival Microsoft's initiative and its growing base of at least 100,000 users.

By adding a second "publish-your-own" feature, Google is pushing even deeper into the Web hosting market.

Chris Sherman, executive editor of SearchEngineWatch, suggested that Google may be mimicking MySpace, "a popular personal home-page cum social network service recently purchased by News Corp. for $580 million."

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