Governors crossing party lines are criticizing Bush administration policies on the National Guard, questioning a budget plan they say will cut Guard strength and leave states less able to respond to homegrown emergencies like hurricanes or a feared pandemic.

"We're going to fight that tooth and nail," said Republican Gov. Bob Taft of Ohio. "The National Guard is not just important from the standpoint of disaster response in the state of Ohio, and homeland security, but is crucial for overall military preparedness. It would be a real mistake to cut back." Read more.

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"If the states want a larger standing force, let them foot the bill. No state needs a guard the size they have now." — Duane (Lexington, NC)

“Scaling back the National Guard, no matter how small is a mistake. If any thing we need to INCREASE the funding and sophistication of the NG! We need them here to rebuild Southern Mississippi and New Orleans! We need them to protect our borders! Man, this president is reckless.” — James (New Orleans, LA)

"I'm not sure. It's possible that scaling back the National Guard is a good thing. I want to hear what both the president and the GOP have to say on this first." — Sam (Chicago, IL)

"Man, Bush is off his rocker. Heck, I am beginning to wonder if he ever had one! I supported him up until Katrina and with from his NSA and UAE port blunders, I am rethinking things. Now this?! We are strained here at home (see Katrina) and abroad (see Iraq). Time for this joker to go!" — Douglas (Beverly, MA)

"Yes he is right, that is why he is president to do the right things and I trust him 101%, because that is why I voted for him, he knows what's best with out financial situation." — Art

"I don't agree with the president." — Lisa

" I agree with the cuts. In reality the end strength being sought by the President is what the National Guard has only recruited to in the past. So what is the Guard really losing?" — Pete (Fredericksburg, VA)

"It should be up to department of defense." — Bob (Camdenton, MO)

"It is not time to be cutting spending in the NG just yet. Where would we be today if we hadn’t had the NG and Reserves to be ready to mobilize within 30 days!" — Michael (Colorado Springs, CO)

"No, I don’t agree with Bush. This is just a ploy to make sure we don’t have the ability to stop illegal immigrations; i.e. cheap labor for his corporate buddies." — Tom

"The active component of the Army has never understood what motivates National guard members to join and stay in the Guard, and they don't even care because they are so arrogant in their own war-fighting capabilities. At the higher levels, Colonel and above, they don't like the idea of having only part-time control of the Guard. Of course, Rumsfeld is even more out of touch about the Guard." — Bob

"Cutting the National Guard now is putting the horse before the cart. Let's see a plan to secure the borders before considering cuts." — Dwayne (San Carlos, CA)

"What in God's name is President Bush doing now? We cannot do without the US Guards. They play a major role in keeping the country safe and secure. In the event of Mother Nature's wrath, they provide security, medical assistance, and hot food for the neediest! No we cannot afford to lose these folks under any situation, especially when we are at WAR!" — Billy & Vickie (North Carolina)

"I strongly disagree with the President's proposal to decrease the personnel strength of the National Guard. The Guard is very dependent upon federal funding for contemporary equipment and training." — Frederick (Huntsville, AL)