Cold Case Links

Looking for more information on a story we've covered? Think you have a credible tip that could help the authorities? Let the links below guide you to the right site so you can help fight crime!

• Alabama: Dothan Police Unsolved Homicides & Other Unsolved Cases

• Arkansas: Arkansas State Police Hot Cases

• California: Calveras County District Attorney Unsolved Murders

Carlsbad Police Unsolved Crimes

Monterey Police Unsolved Homicides

Santa Barbara Cold Cases

Stanislaus County Sheriff Cold Case Homicide Files

• Colorado: Colorado Springs Crime Stoppers Unsolved Homicides

Pikes Peak Area Crime Stoppers Unsolved Crimes

• District of Columbia: Metropolitan Police Department: Major Case/Cold Case Homicides

• Florida: Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement Unsolved Homicides

Fort Lauderdale Police Cold Cases

Palm Beach County Sheriff Unsolved Homicides

St. Petersburg Police Unsolved Homicides

Sarasota County Sheriff Unsolved Crimes

• Georgia: Georgia Bureau of Investigation Unsolved Homicides

• Indiana: Indianapolis Police Unsolved Homicides

• Illinois: Illinois State Police Unsolved Crimes

DuPage County Sheriff Cold Case Unit Unsolved Murders

• Maryland: Maryland State Police Cold Case Unit

Anne Aurndel County Police Cold Cases

Frederick Police Open Homicides

• Minnesota: Minnesota Spotlight on Crime Unsolved Crimes

• Missouri: Kansas City Unsolved Crimes

• New Hampshire: Manchester Police Unsolved Crimes

• New Jersey: Morris County Sheriff's Crime Stoppers Unsolved Homicides

• New Mexico: New Mexico Unsolved Homicides

• North Carolina: North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation Unsolved Crimes

Asheville Police Unsolved Investigations

• Ohio: Clark County Sheriff's Office Unsolved Crimes

• Oklahoma: Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Unsolved Cases

• Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania State Police Unsolved Cases

• Texas: Austin Police Unsolved Homicides

El Paso Police Cold Cases

San Antonio Police Cold Cases

• Wyoming: Wyoming Attorney General Unsolved Crimes