Breaking and Entering

Dear Friends of "FOX & Friends,"

Thanks for the many e-mailers who welcomed me back after a wonderful week of 75 and sunny weather in Southern California, which is getting spanked today by Mother Nature. Who says I'm a weatherman who doesn't know a broom from a barometer? Well... other than my wife.

Our team of behind-the-scenes producers — David, Christine, Maria and a bunch of other ambitious journalists whose names are kept from me for security reasons — prepared a wonderful telecast today.

The U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, Zalmay Khalilzad, broke news on our program when he revealed that despite the midnight deadline set by the captors of journalist Jill Carroll, he'd spoken to the Iraqi Interior minister, who felt optimistic she would be released. The ambassador continued, "The minister of Interior... said that based on the information that he has that she is alive and that they have information with regard to where she might be held." Let's say a prayer that she is released safely and soon.

Have you ever wondered, "Why is this public toilet such a... toilet?" There's a nationwide search on for the cleanest facility in America. Please go online to and vote for your favorite of the five selected. These are all very impressive, not the kind of "flush with your foot" facilities that I usually find at the least opportune times. Mike Jerrick — filling in for the vacationing Brian Kilmeade — revealed that he needs "complete privacy" when tending to his business. Because our skyscraper doesn't have his required "floor to ceiling partitions," when necessary, Mike leaves the building and walks over to the swanky W Hotel in Times Square, where the stalls are spacious and private and, unlike our building, he won't hear John Gibson next door ask, "Do you have the sports section over there?

Finally, I did recount a personal problem upon returning home very late last night: Neither my wife nor I had a key to our house. Luckily we have a touchpad on the garage, which we've used in the past to get in. Sadly, it was frozen and after 37 attempts, it stopped flickering altogether. Next, I went and knocked on my neighbor's door, since they have duplicate keys, only to discover that they were not entertaining guests at 10 p.m. and would not answer the door. Faced with sleeping on the front porch, I made the He-man decision that the only way in was through a window. And the only way through the window, was with a shovel.

Don't worry, there was no breaking glass. I simply used a snow shovel that was by the front door to pry open the window, by breaking the wooden lock on the sill. Within 45 seconds, it was open and I looked like a cat burglar making a house call. We did get a number of e-mailers concerned that I'd revealed the easy way into my house.

"Which window is open Steve?" one writer inquired.

I responded, "The one next to the enormous and hungry dog".

Thanks for watching today. Tuesday morning, Orioles legend Jim Palmer joins us live and we hope you will too!

Steve Doocy
Potential cat burglar

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